Photos Recreating Scenes From Movies

Allen Fuqua loves traveling and watching movies. To combine those two loves, he visits locations around the world were scenes in various films were shot, and reshoots them for what he calls “movie mimicking“. How many of these movies do you recognize?

To see more of these images, check out Fuqua’s website, Movie Mimic. Each photo is displayed next to information about the movie and the location.

Movie Mimic (via

Image credits: Photographs by Allen Fuqua/Movie Mimic

  • Knur

    Simpsons did it !  Simpsons did it !

  • Dan Howard

    nice idea, but he really should look closer at the post production work that goes into the movie to get the desired colour/exposures etc… 

  • rtfe

    silly jacket wants to be Drive jacket. 

  • kendon

     that, and some more attention to details. kudos for the finding the spots tho.

  • Jjjustinnn

     Yeah, it becomes evident how much effort is really put into lighting and post-proc in movie production. I like the idea though

  • Slash_Cynic

    The lighting is all off on of these.

  • Sergio Alonso Rodríguez

    He makes the travel but he didn´t wait for the correct light?? looks like amateur photos. Most of them only need a flash.

  • Flgraphics

    how about trying to match the clothing at least?