A Supercut of Hollywood Movies About Photographers

Supercuts of movies are all the rage these days; here’s one that’ll be of interest to photography and camera enthusiasts. Simply titled “Photographers,” the video was created by English artists Mishka Henner and David Oates, who spent hours upon hours watching more than 100 movies. The duo extracted short snippets from each one and spent months turning them into the giant whirlwind tour seen in the video above (warning: there’s a dash of language, violence, and risqué business).

Here’s the description given by Henner and Oates:

Voyeur, hunter and investigator are just a few of the roles that have characterized the photographer when depicted in modern cinema. In Photographers, hundreds of scenes involving this now ubiquitous character are remixed and re-sequenced to expose the clichés, tropes and accidental truisms associated with the medium. As the sole subject of the film, the photographer is turned from observer to observed.

It’s interesting to see how Hollywood chooses to portray different kinds of photographers, from portrait shooters working with subjects to conflict photojournalists working on the front lines of battle.

While some of the movies are easily recognizable and well-known even outside of photography circles, there are some obscure titles in the supercut as well. Unfortunately, Henner and Oates have chosen to not publish a list of movies included in the video. However, that presents the perfect challenge for the readers of this blog: let’s see if we can build our own list.

If you recognize any of the clips seen in the video, leave a comment with the movie’s title and the time at which it appears!

(via Wired)