DIY Camera Strap Made of Nylon Rope

Photographer Jared Krause made this simple camera strap for shooting on the streets of Toronto. The length of nylon rope he used cost just $2.50. Due to cold weather, Krause almost always wears the strap outside a jacket or sweatshirt, but if you’re shooting in warmer weather it might be wise to add some padding for comfort.

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Jared Krause and used with permission

  • WanderingBear

    Seriously!!!!! I found some discarded barbed wire in the gutter the other day. It was not too rusty & after I washed the dog Sh*t off it it was pretty clean. I can post how I made a lovely “ethnic looking” camera strap with it if you like!

  • Jake

    Really??  We’re posting about a guy who tied a rope to his camera?  This is about as bad a post as you’ve ever put up here.
    And shouldn’t his $800 rangefinder come with come with a strap anyway?  If he’s so frugal that he can’t justify $8 for a padded strap and not look like a hipster/hobo, he must not be doing too well for himself as a photographer.  He probably wired a lightbulb into a potato to power the lighting for those shots he took of his setup there.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    I found this link awhile back which I feel is a more elegant solution!

  • Knur

    Yeah! It’s so hipster and cool.  …..kNOT!

  • 9inchnail

    This is for people who use electric cable as a belt. But yes, you’re not a hobo if you wear it ironically.

  • rtfe

    you’re a turkey farmer??

  • kendon

    summer hole. and it’s not even summer.

  • Jared

    Haha. Easy there tiger.

  • Bacicg

    Wow! Revolutionary! :D

  • Flgraphics

    looks like a noose. so you can hang yourself quickly after not getting the shot

  • Andrewgeorges

    Dude. This. Is . Awesome.

  • Not impressed

    I actually quite like the idea….