Skywalking: A Dangerous New Photo Fad Popular Among Russian Teens

If you’re afraid of heights you may want to look away, and you should certainly never make friends with these daredevil photographers from Russia. We here in the U.S. have memes, young Russian photographers, it seems, have “skywalking”: the newest extremely dangerous photography fad to hit the Internet.

Skywalking basically involves a photographer making his way up to a death-defying height, and snapping a photo that’s meant to give you both a perspective you’ve never seen before, and that feeling like your stomach just made its way into your throat. Many of the photographers are in their teens, and unfortunately, with no sign of safety equipment anywhere in these photos, someone is gonna get hurt.

And you thought running with scissors was dangerous.

Here’s the photograph that resulted from the video above, captured by Russian teen photographer Marat Dupri:

Be sure to check out Russian photographer Vadim Mahorov’s photoblog for more of these vertigo-inducing photographs.

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Image credits: Photographs by Vadim Mahorov and Marat Dupri

  • Megan N

    I think that as you become more experienced as a climber and realize the dangers, the safer that you actually climb. That’s been my personal experience at least.

  • lol

    thanks for clearing that up.

  • mythbuster

     That´s true! but I don´t regret my experiences because I survived and can enjoy climbing and kayaking today ;-)

  • Toby412

    Me too, Jesus!

  • HoleyPantsMan

    He got a hole in them pants.

  • Not

    I might have the guts to attempt this, but luckily I have the brains to keep me from actually doing it.

  • Brian Hawkins

    Having a long life which will be remembered is the greatest good?

  • HintonLewis25

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  • Jorchet

    The video makes me sooooooooo nervous!!!

  • Minus Manhattan

    I’m guessing you meant to write “I’m willing to bet.” Anyway, I’m willing to bet that if as many kids that did drugs or drank climbed huge dangerous structures more of them would die doing that. There’s nothing smart of careful about this (though note I still think it’s awesome). 

  • Roach

    Better than a short life that nobody remembers…

  • mariomario

    In life, there should be no guarantee of safety or security.

    Everyone has different rewards for why they do something. Some people like to take trips around the world for a ‘life changing event’, some people like to put trust in their own faculties to know better who they really are… and both of these activities can have different levels of safety and security, and both are life changing events.

    But, the less safety nets there are to insure you don’t fall (free climbing vs. climbing a rockface route with safetylines and guides, or traveling between hotel rooms by credit card vs. leaving home with a wad of cash and a sense of unplanned travel and adventure) the more the event means to you, because you can look back and know you were the only one you could depend on.

    Either way, you’ll know yourself far better than sitting back on the internet and complaining about someone else getting out on their own and having the balls to live.

    No risk = no true reward.

    (personal experience/reference: explorer, and occasional urban climber, who enjoys doing things that can kill me or get me arrested for ‘endangerment of self’)

  • Jch27

    making my palms sweat just looking at em

  • Icema426

    Omly one word for this: Darwin

  • JK

    Natural selection at work.

  • Crouchingninja

    Oh yeah, like “natural selection” made them choose to be daredevils. Let me guess, it was in there “genes”, lol. You people crack me up!

  • keyman

    Russians are crazy drunks

  • Audiwn B.F. Faulk

    Until thee old Lord I will make my way very fast. WOW.

  • downunder

    They are complete IDIOTS and I hope someone with more brains will take a picture after the accident that is waiting to happen and post it on the internet. But I guess that then will be edited as ‘not suitable for the public to see’

  • Db

    That’s where the word ‘infantry’ comes from.. The infants.. True.

  • mythbuster

    You are right, but you also forgot to say that Spanish are all bullfighters, French are all snobs, all the Italian belong to Mafia… and in this web everybody is as clever as you are …

  • Phil Heston

     Well, if we’re going to be balanced here, US children’s life expectancy has fallen for the first time in history, because of obesity and other lifestyle diseases at the other end of the scale from skywalking. Oh, and that’s affecting the future of millions, not just the few adventurous types that engage in this type of thing.

  • Phil Heston

     This is not a cry for help. When I was a kid I climbed trees without any kind of safety gear, and I’d guess that any child who had access to trees did the same thing. Of course, we’re chopping down all the trees now so it’s not so much of a “problem”.

    It is a very natural thing for young adults, especially males, to seek thrills in this way. It’s hormonal and evolutionarily programmed. The thing we are seeing here is giving access to very dangerous ways of achieving that. But you put a 16 year old in a car and the same urges are there, of course in that case they endanger other people — their passengers and innocent bystanders.

    The statistics (i.e. what happens in real life, not what *might* happen) show that thousands of people are killed each year by young male drivers, yet there are very few recorded deaths from skywalking. In fact, there are fewer than for skydiving which is supposedly “safe” by the way people envisage safety in this page’s discussion.

  • Phil Heston

     Errm, yes it *is* in their genes. Take a course in biology before making “clever” comments.

  • Phil Heston

     True. And clearly this site is disused and rust is taking hold, but when it was operational the ladder carried several people, tools, parts etc simultaneously and a single point of failure would not lead to the whole ladder coming away.

  • J0em3nard

    Ha and people thought that planking was bad

  • Mr_glyndle
  • Neil

    Sheer madness. They might as well play Russian Roulette. Idiots.

  • Ed Cee

    Helps control surplus population.  Gore would approve.

  • Economist2011

    i got dizzy just looking at this. 

  • Vis

    I had to watch the video four times to see the whole thing. I kept covering my eyes!

  • Eric Coleman

    wow, all I can think of is the results of a rogue gust of wind…

  • Eric Coleman

    impressed but disturbed at the same time

  • Ezekial Shake

    talk about aimless youth

  • WittWendy84

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  • Noone

    Someone is gonna get hurt?

    More like someone is gonna get dead.

  • Spike

    They really aren’t doing anything different than what a Structural Ironworker does when he goes to work and is in the raising gang on a building.  How do you think buildings get built?  Guys have to climb out on the iron with nothing around them and climb up those columns to connect the next beam to the column….  And they do it with a tool belt on and a bag full of bolts!

    I’m a proud Ironworker of Local 17, Cleveland, Ohio.

  • <m[X]3

    fucking crazy peoples :OOO

  • Doodha

    bitches high as fuc*, skywalking and shit

  • ToddG

    Tell that to Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinatti !!

  • Shaun Krisher

     we’re not talking guarantees, we’re talking the law of averages.

  • Krazyrussian

    There was a lot of swearing in that video, lol. 

  • Benicio Murray

     you climb with a Kayak??

  • Obutyah

     I was once a teenager and while my brain wasn’t at its peek as you are suggesting  I remember having enough common sense to know what would kill me and what would not as I’m sure these kids know the risks they are taking as well. Bottom line: You seem like an idiot trying to be smart.

  • Rhapsodyrebecca

    Augh I did too!

  • Hans Olo

    Maybe they just got Star Wars and misinterpreted Skywalker…

  • Stefan Kaluza de Souche

    I think this is purely human. It is human condition expressed in its full sense. Whatever we try to do in our lives to feel secured we are still like them but we do our best to hide it and not look under.  I don’t see crazyness or irresponsability. I see a great control of themselves. 

  • Blob

    Er…..but they’re not Structural Ironworkers….

  • Richard

    Yes, I was thinking this is something that deserves a Darwin Award for sure. The problem is, in order to get the award you have to die. Still, this is right up there in awards territory.

  • John_r_hornsby

    Matthew – I have been crying with laughter for almost two hours at this photo. Where can I find more?