Nikon WU-1a Turns Your Android Phone Into a Fancy DSLR Remote

In today’s post about Nikon’s D3200 announcement we also mentioned in passing that the WU-1a Wireless Adapter was announced at the same time. But after taking a closer look, we think the adapter merits a little more detail and a lot more excitement.

Unlike most wireless adapters, the WU-1a doesn’t just allow you to transfer photos from your camera directly to your computer or smart phone, it also works the other way around — sort of. Nikon users who choose to pony up the $60 required to get one of the adapters will also be able to use their Android phone as a live view for the camera, and can even use the app to control the shutter release.

The level of control offered by the adapter is impressive in its own right. Unlike most WiFi-enabled cameras or memory cards, you’ll be able to use a “browser” interface to sift through your photos and choose which ones are uploaded where. The camera even takes care of lowering the resolution for you.

The only real downside is that the WU-1a doesn’t yet support iOS devices, but Nikon has already announced that support will be coming in the fall. And although it currently only works with the D3200, you might want to keep your fingers crossed for a firmware update that expands compatibility.

  • Dan Howard

    Anybody know if there is a Canon version of this type of thing?

  • Slash_Cynic


  • Bokehsmith

    Wireless live view to my android phone (maybe even my tablet?) for $60 – wow! I hope a firmware update will make it compatable with the D7000.

  • Tianlechen

    ios devices? meh, arent they all instagram lovers anyway

  • Scott Z

     An average of 1 million Android users per day just signed up for Instagram when it became available to them. Enough said.

  • KH

    Nikon demonstrates its cluelessness once again, by targeting Android before iOS.

  • A Y R T O N 3 6 0

    No way … canon is and has been all those years running behind Nikon. Don;t think so .. Tell me ONE thing canon did before Nikon !

  • Camil Tang


  • TK

    Yeah, especially since there are more android devices than iOS…

  • Skeev

    Nope. It was Nikon D90

  • Y.

    HD video on 5D Mark II + that 4K DSLR just announced.

  • flo

    there’s a programm for canon/android which enables liveview and capture directly from your phone… you have to be connected by usb, but that’s not really a problem. 

  • 9inchnail

    Sooner or later there are going to be Instagram extensions that allow you to apply effects to your DSLR photos and upload them instantly with adapters like this. I mean, what could be more artistic than shooting a photo with a 2000$ camera and make the photos look like shitty toy camera shots. As a real Hipster you have to use it ironically, of course.

  • kendon

     it’s even possible to make it wireless with some hackery. get some wireless usb extenders, two battery packs, solder it together and voila…

  • Colin

    A Nikon firmware update? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Slangula

     CMOS, FF ?

  • Aaron Robles

    I am now a very sad Canon owner… -___-

  • Skeev

    Also canon was the first to launch dSLRs with acceptable high iso performance. Nikon was not even close (up until d300 I think) to canon’s silky and smooth photo look and it’s not a matter of discussion. Of course they’ve caught up by now.

    But actually the first thing Canon did and what in truth pushed it forward in terms of worldwide popularity was EOS 300D. The first AFFORDABLE dSLR. Nikon didn’t even know what hit them.

  • Edgar Bültemeyer

    Hahahahaaha! Firmware Update for the D7000? ROFL!! NEVER

  • Bullittman

    Be sure and check out the camranger. It is 299.00 for a limited time and does a LOT more. Works for Cannon and Nikon both. Just got mine and I am impressed