Advanced Image Sensor Concepts Explained with Beer

When German image sensor scientist Joachim Linkemann gave a talk called “Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology” at Automate 2011 back in March 2011, he tried to boil things down to terms people could understand and ended up using beer to illustrate the concepts. If you want to learn about how things like signal-to-noise, dynamic range, and dark noise would work if a glass of beer was the pixel on an image sensor, check out the PDF slideshow.

Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology (via Image Sensors World via Rob Galbraith)

  • Dragunr1

    did he miss a “0” on explaining dynamic range, page 9, 50.000/25=200? or did I miss something?

  • Michael Godek

    wow i like technical, but this is a lot! …..i need a beer

  • Kris Greene

    Erdinger – a fine whaet beer!