Miroslav Tichý’s Homemade Camera

This might look like a pile of garbage, but it’s actually one of the homemade camera used by photographer Miroslav Tichý from the 1960s until 1985. He made his camera bodies from things he had on hand, including plywood, road asphalt, and thread spools. His lenses would be created from toilet paper tubes with custom lenses created from Plexiglas that had been sanded with sandpaper and then polished with toothpaste and cigarette ashes. For his enlarger, he used sheets of metal, two fence slats, a light bulb, and a tin can. Tichý used his equipment to take thousands of stalker-ish pictures of strangers (mostly women) in the Czech Republic. You can find some of his work here.

(via Flavorwire)

  • Joe Blount

    And people think they are cool putting dSLR lenses on iPhones. ;)

  • Christian Ramirez Ramos


  • Jonas Nordlund

    Haha! I had to smile when I saw all shots were more or less voyeur shots of women’s bodies. Somehow I expect artsy shots when photographers go to these lengths, with this passion, but I guess some things don’t change… ;)

  • Joey Duncan

    But to him, women were probably art. Think of how many people that’s all they do. Women have beautiful shapes. 

    The camera is pretty cool!

  • Llanon99

    Clever guy….

  • xy64

    He was a little bit weird :) Died like 4 or 5 years ago

  • rtfe

    ted bundy was a pretty good sketch artist

  • Fredrik

    Wow! Looks like the Baby Translator from the Simpsons episode “Brother, can you spare two dimes?” :D

  • Lightwriter

    We got to see his work and cameras at the International Center of Photography in NYC in 2010.  Amazing ability on so little.  

  • Tttulio

    the question is Why? He could easily buy a Beirette for cheap in the east,  or even a PraKtica had he money. so this was for fun..

  • Tttulio

    Maybe because he didn’t want to attract attention….

  • Guest

    and this predecessor to steampunk wouldn’t attract attention? lol

  • Knur

    He died a year ago. April 12, 2011

  • Knur

    People with ipoop phones think thay are cool :).


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  • UserSix

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  • Paul Eliasberg

    One of the reasons for not using something that looked like a proper camera, was that he would not be taken seriously by his subjects. There are quite a lot of voyeuristic images where his subjects don’t know they’re being photographed, but also some that are posed. Posed by subjects who didn’t expect the bloody thing to work and thought they were dealing with a lunatic :-) He’s been called a weirdo and a pervert, I like to think there was more to him than that, especially when you look at his earlier life and work.

  • Greg Heller

    I wouldn’t be lavishing too much praise on this guy, his pictures have what nowadays we refer to as grunge but they were just the best that camera could produce, I’m not saying the guy wasn’t clever but, Artist? I’d say more of a pervert, the kind of guy that would get his ass kicked if a boyfriend or husband caught him shooting their girlfriend or wife.