Filmmaker Spends Nike Ad Budget on a Trip Around the World

Filmmaker Casey Neistat (whose peanut butter jar lens fix we featured recently) was recently commissioned by Nike to create an advertisement for its new FuelBand. Instead of spending it on a standard ad, he decided to “go rogue” and spend the money traveling around the world with his friend Max. They captured video of themselves traveling 34,000 miles across three continents, 13 countries, and 16 cities over a span of 10 days. Neistat states,

We only packed backpacks—they were big backpacks, but one of the rules was we had to have both hands free at all times. That meant no duffels and no rolling bags. We only had underwear and socks, because we each had two cameras, chargers, extra batteries, laptops, and hard drives. That’s the bare minimum, and that takes up a lot of space. We had total redundancy, because if one of us were kidnapped, and never seen again, we had to make sure we could still make the movie.

The resulting video they made has gone viral and will probably reach many more people than a traditional advertisement would have.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Simone!

  • Simone Anne

    Of course! Glad I could share :))

  • RIckyB

    3:48 WOW!

  • Michael


  • Jake Doe

    and wtf is a fuelband?

  • Daniel Fealko

    How exactly is this video advertising FuelBand?  It looked like great fun but if I were Nike I might feel a little cheated.  The only thing they seemed to be advertising is blowing a company’s ad budget on having a great time. (I’d have no regrets if I were Casey though.)

  • pethr

    I might be stating the obvious here but nobody seriously believes that story, right? Nice video nonetheless.

  • John

     This guy is a hack. Why does he have people that hang off his every word?

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Freaking awesomeaah

  • Nn-r

    Do you really believe that nike did not know about this? Heck they probably came up with this idea. Although it is a nice idea and video i somehow feel reminded of the ‘where the hell is Matt’ videos, which coincidentally also went viral and were paid for by a company.

  • John Kantor

    No real person dresses like that or says “gnarly.”

  • Mr.A

    Don’t know if wonder about the whole video, or the budget of Nike for a video.

  • Mr.A

    PS: Obviously the idea was make it viral. Scored!

  • Guest


    Best thing about this were the two hotties from the beach. And if it wasn’t planned this way by Nike I’d want my money back.

  • filmfan

    It’s obvious that blowing the money on the trip is actually part of the marketing idea. Too bad they couldn’t sell it better. They should’ve just stated: “Nike told us to make a video about what it means to… This is what we did.” No need to lie. 

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Reminds me of last year’s MOVE / EAT / LEARN campaign by an Australian airline:

  • Olly

    Big ad clients are so twitchy about releasing cash, you’d have to be pretty naive to believe this was spontaneous. The cutting technique was pinched from other world trip videos that do it way better (MOVE/EAT/LEARN) and the main character is just so unlikeable. Yes it’s gone viral but that doesn’t make it good. Whatsmore I still know nothing about the product they’re selling.

  • Mbolster4

    4.5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

  • Joshua

    I don’t get it.  What the hell does this ugly guy have to do with Nike?  Who cares if he got to go around the world and not spend an ounce of quality time in each location. Advertising is one of the dumbest industries that wastes more time and money then the government. 

  • roseskunk

    I stopped at .32 seconds. And even that was too much.


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  • Mark

    Your talking about fuel band right now…. Nike won

  • Chris

    Wow, the petapixel crows seem like such nice people.. 

  • Tom Bryan

    Pretty big waste of money for Nike…complete lack of cinematography too….

  • Killermotion

    Yeah bro, I love petapixel, but I am not a huge fan of the followers.

  • Seattle Airport Transportation

    It’s apparent that ruining the cash on the journey is actually aspect of the promotion concept.