Adobe Wants to Have Photoshop-style Blending Modes Built Into HTML

The Web Platform Team over at Adobe is currently working on bringing Photoshop-style blending modes to HTML, which would allow fancier websites and easier transitions from the company’s design tools to the web. If they succeed in publishing the spec through W3C and having it implemented in WebKit, web designers will soon be able to make use of a new CSS property called “blend-mode” that can take the same values as the blending mode drop down menu in Photoshop (e.g. normal, multiply, screen, overlay, color-dodge).

Bringing blending to the Web (via John Nack)

  • Smashwell Raxy

    well yes, that would be rather awesome.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    <blink>What could go wrong?</blink>

  • gautch

    If they get blending modes to work in browser then Photoshop can be 100% browser based. We currently have strokes, vector, masks, paths, shadows, ect.. but not blending modes.

  • stanimir stoyanov


  • Joakim

    The example is kinda bad tho cos that you can do right now with just an png-24 with alpha transparent but sure would be nice to have more options like multiply, screen, overlay etc etc…

  • Guest

    those alpha transparents are a ***** to load lol. 

    great idea, logical next step, etc. but I smell a lot of unnecessary, gimmicky photoshop on website “just because they can”.