Quirky Camera Head Photographs

Japanese photographer kiyoshimachine has a quirky set of photographs titled Monster67 that features people wearing the “67 Head”, a giant Pentax SLR.

You can find more of these photographs here.

Image credits: Photographs by kiyoshimachine and used with permission


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  • Dhontse3

    That will make a nice ass bike helmet lol.

  • Slobit75

    I’d wear the shit out of that.

  • Spider- Man

    lol this is awesome!

  • Dan Howard

    Japanese people, making the world laugh at them since 1945.

  • Danielson

    Best part: those pics were SHOT on a Pentax 67 too.

  • Helen Koba

    Looks like fun!

  • Michael

    Where’s the lens?

  • Spider- Man

    Stupid comments, making people facepalm since forever…

  • Damianmonisvais

    WHY? all I can say

  • Spider- Man

    If you have to ask, maybe you need an imagination check?

  • Almond

    No- Dan’s actually right. 

    Since Japan bombed the US in peace time and earned our retaliation via two nukes (which I maintain they deserved for attacking us in peace time but that’s neither here nor there) and consequently lost the ability to maintain a proper military, the US basically changed all of Japanese culture by economically pressuring them to make electronics and other devices (like cameras). This eventually resulted in a huge socioeconomic paradigm shift within the Japanese people until they became how they are today. 

    Gone are the days where the Japanese as a whole were honor bound. Now they have iPhone cases with ears, sole-less shoes for nature lovers, and the infamous baby mop.

  • Spider- Man
  • Sid Ceaser

    These are my kind of people.  Love it.