Man Buys Priceless Warhol Sketch at Garage Sale for $5

A fascinating story from the art world: back in 2010, British businessman Andy Fields purchased a collection of 5 paintings from a Las Vegas garage sale for $5. When he decided to have one of the paintings reframed, he discovered an early Andy Warhol sketch hidden behind it. The signed drawing is believed to be of 1930s singer Rudy Vallee and created when Warhol was just 10 years old. Warhol paintings fetch absurd prices on the auction block — the artist is considered to be the bellwether of the art market — and the sketch is estimated to be worth a whopping $2 million.

The story is reminiscent of the $45 garage sale photos that were reportedly lost Ansel Adams works. Although initially estimated to be worth $200 million, the story fizzled after evidence emerged that the images were likely created by an “Uncle Earl”.

(via Boing Boing)

  • Mike Heller

    How is it ‘priceless’ if it’s worth $2M?

  • Bownephoto

    Did Andy smudge the lips by kissing them?

  • RTFE

    consider it vastly beyond your limitations. $2M is equivalent to being priceless to you

  • Mike

    Priceless: “So precious that its value cannot be determined.”.  You are an idiot.

  • rtfe

    this clearly is above you. go home and get your shine box, mook

  • Aaronchuck

    Priceless=$2M……Which one is it??  Peta, you really need to start thinking about your blog titles.

  • Dr Milton Longe

    Most irratating when you see the twisted distortions of honest facts that were given. It was no humble yard yale, but rather I had an Estate Sale that I gave. My Aunt knew Andy since he was a very young man but was never a  baby sitter.(Andy was born Warhola, but changed his name to Warhol and my Aunt encourAGED HIM. “If it makes you feel taller, prouder or smaller then do it, my Aunt told him. “It’s all part of recreating yourself. It’s no denial of your past but rather your acknowledge that you’re more than whom you were. If a name holds you back from taking those long new steps that you have to take then cut if off and make it fits your needs. Never let any one try to make you a prisoner of their expections!” She warned Andy.  He often told me in NYC that he wasn’t felt safer more self assured when he spoke to my Aunt. She never lied to him but yet he always felt stronger after speaking with her. She was like Spinach for  Popeye he told me once. He help nurish his talents and helped him out when he relocated to NYC. She got doors to open for hom before they would later fly open on their own for him. He started as a photo journalist  in NYC. His mom would eventually come to join her loving son until she quietly passed.
    Andy and myself partied together Not in Pittsburgh but at studio 54 and at Max’s Kansas City  (also with Sid Vicious and that strung out girl Sid was seeing) and sometimes at the Ritz. It was the days of Disco maddness and went into Punk  Rock. Andy’s studio, The Art Factory, was a couple of blocks from my home on Union Square. Andy launched Interview Magazine from there.