JR and Liu Bolin Team Up for a Photo of JR Blending into a Photo of Liu Bolin

JR (the TED-winning photographer who uses giant photos as street art) and Liu Bolin (the Chinese artist who photographs himself blending into scenes) recently got together to collaborate on a photograph taken by Liu Bolin in which JR blends into one of his large scale installations. The giant photograph that Liu Bolin helped blend JR into is a photo of Liu Bolin’s eye, created by JR. Can you say “photo inception”?

Here’s the photograph that resulted:

(via mashKULTURE)

  • Julius Kalko

    I like it, even if the idea is not new.

  • Michael

    Yeah very cool concept even if its not new it feels fresh with the collaboration.

  • efix

    This is too much for my brain to grasp. Wow.

  • travisjohansen

    Ok, that was really cool.