Photos of Falling Chocolate Confections Created Without CGI

Japan-based art collective NAM shot this series of advertisements showing gravity-defying chocolate confections. What’s interesting about the concept is that they decided to do everything without digital trickery, opting instead to hang the various foods from thin strings.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how the photos were created:

You can find more images and behind the scenes videos here.

(via NAM via Colossal via Laughing Squid)

  • Spider- Man

    i can totally see the strings! /nerd voice ;)

    Great shots fer realz

  • Joey Duncan

    nice.. I like it!

  • Jackson Cheese

    I find it telling that posts about cool, creative images here get little response. 
    But god forbid you post about a guy who painted his Canon Rebel white, and you get 20 posts of hate & rage.

    Fucking techno-obsessed gearheads.

  • Spider- Man


  • Graysmith

    Still prefer Dali Atomicus.

  • Graham Case

    I absolutely LOVE the strings in these photos! They add great interest to the images, and, for me at least, make them somehow more magical than if there were no strings at all.