Nigo: Limited Edition Instant Film with Colorful Frames

The Impossible Project has partnered up with Japanese music producer and designer Nigo for a limited edition version of its PX 70 Color Shade Film. Instead of its traditional white frames or the newer black frames, the film comes in 10 different colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, lilac, dark blue, light blue, green, black and white. Each pack comes with eight frames with randomly selected colors and costs $25 over at The Impossible Project shop.

PX 70 Color Shade by Nigo Film Edition [Impossible Project]

  • Wes

    I wish it wasn’t random that way you can coordinate the image with the color of the frames. 

  • michael

    I wish the film was consistent!

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    I wish they would just stop with this fucking hipster bullshit and start producing the regular polaroid line-up again.