Man Who Was Arrested for Filming Police with Phone Settles for $170,000

After being arrested on October 1, 2007 for using his cell phone to film officers making an arrest, Boston lawyer Simon Glik sued the city for violating his civil rights. Late last year the court denied a motion to have the case dismissed, and just yesterday it was announced that the City of Boston had come to a settlement with Glik, agreeing to pay him $170,000 for damages and legal fees. The decision last year and the settlement yesterday both reaffirm that the First Amendment protects the right to photograph and film police officers carrying out their duties in a public place.

(via ACLU via Ars Technica)

Image credit: cop snapping pics with cellphone by SpecialKRB

  • Philip Han

    Justice at last!

  • Baldur Tryggvason

    Great news!!

  • Mermade

    Along the same lines, check out for a take in Mississippi.

  • Mute

    Great! Good for him pursuing it. Cops need to stop bullying photographers and anyone else who gets in their orbit.

  • Dave

    The tide will turn on the police operating outside of their duties. The biggest enemy are the people that say: “Just do what the cops say and stop being a douche”

  • Jesse

    Wurd. Like the ones that say “As long as your not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about”. 

  • Trausti Hraunfjord

    Fantastic… having the taxpayers to pay for the stupidity of the police….   

    The simpler and saner solution would be to teach the police in the police academy, that they are the SERVANTS of the people, and not their executioners.  Teach them about people’s right to use cameras, even if they are capturing public servants doing their jobs.

  • 9inchnail

     That’s the whole point. Up until now the police thought they could get away with harassing people. Now they have to rethink that. That should be worth 170.000 Dollars to you. I mean, how much of that comes out of your pocket? 1/100 of a cent? Don’t be a douche.

  • Photo1017

    Justice”. Maybe police will start being trained in the subject matter.
    BTW: that photo is NYC, the Stock Exchange in the background on corner of Wall St.

  • Stacy

    If this happened in Boston then why is the story accompanied by a photo of New York?

  • Guest

    They do teach that.  Over and over again, for 22 weeks.  Some people just don’t listen and let the power go to their head.  

  • David

    You do understand that the taxpayers were funding the prosecution of the photographer who was doing nothing wrong, yes?  You also should understand that the actions by the police that started this whole debacle were funded by the taxpayers as well, since we pay their salaries.  So when you say “having the taxpayers…pay for the stupidity of the police”, yes, we paid them to make the stupid decision of harassing a citizen for exercising his Rights.