Upgrade Your Leica M9-P to White for Just $23,705 More

For those of you balking at the astronomical prices paid for photos in the art world, get this: Leica is releasing a special new white version of the M9-P digital rangefinder in Japan, and has given it a price tag of ¥2,620,000 (~$31,770). The regular version costs $7,995, so buyers will be paying an additional $23,705 for rarity (only 50 will be made), a slick kit lens (it comes with a 50mm f/0.95), and the color white.

(via Watch Impress via Gizmodo)

  • Maxim Dronov

    10000 usd is lense, so it is the most expensive white paint in this crazy world. Absolutely crazy world, if people are ready to pay for this

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Just get some white out on the original one if you want a white one that bad.

    Unless you’re a collector who think this camera will be triple it’s value in 50 years – then jump into Lecia’s arms.

  • Paul Eliasberg

    Luckily they removed the red dot. Otherwise it would stand out a wee bit, don’t you think?

  • Mike S.

    Maybe they need all that extra money to send the graphic artist who comped this image together back for more Photoshop training…

  • Wallerus

    Anyone else notice the lens looks photo-shopped to the camera body? Or is that just me?

  • -MARS- Photography

     I agree… the lens that should be there is not, you can see that its a different lens in the reflection.  Either Way I just bought 2, in white, because Digital cameras only go up in value.  This time next year they will be worth almost $5000 in depreciation.  Limited editions are for suckers, if it adds no functionality, and doesn’t go towards a CURE for something, its just Development money, Likely for something that will Destroy this so badly you will have to hide your face in shame.

  • Michael

    So, Leica is starting to build haute rich nouveau products and mark up crazy margin on them.  I’m beginning to loose my respect for today’s Leica brand.

  • Cam

    Not sure if you know this, but Leica has done this type of thing for decades. So has Nikon, and many other camera manufacturers. I hate when people indict a company for doing this. If you don’t want, don’t buy it. If you think it’s a sign of a bratty, ridiculous company giving into trends, don’t buy anything they make. I like Leica because they, arguably, make the most “mechanical” digital camera in the world (as opposed electronic). I like that there’s a shutter speed knob, and an aperture ring, and not of bunch of other crap glaring at you. That being said, I’ll never be able to afford any M-series digital camera. I just can’t justify the expense for something that will go obsolete in 5-10 years. An M4 on the other hand, that may end up in my bag.

  • Guererherrereelslt

     The P model doesn’t have a red dot.

    But has there ever been a good looking white Leica M?! You can still get a brand new white M8 btw.. guess they overestimated the demand, huh?

  • Matt Risell has this one on their site. I thought this article was a repeat of that post until I read further.

  • Michael

     I have M3 and it’s quiet awesome.  I know Leica has limited editions but not at a price tag like the one above. 

    My point is I know Leica has been struggling trying to find it’s digital age customers and they have made a great leap making M8 and M9 plus I understand making limited editions for collectors but at a price tag above without any upgrades on mechanical or software it just seems too much for my own taste.  The only people who will buy this are like people who buy a gun and plate it with solid gold like children of evil Dictators and show off how obnoxious they are.

    I just think making such a move is disrespectful for loyalist to most of Leica customers like telling us unless you are super nouveau rich you are not worthy of Leica.  It also made me feel like they trying too hard banking on Classic Rangefinder collection.

    The Leica I respect are the same reason as you but this one just throws me off with bitter taste in my mouth.  It’s not like buying a Ferrari where you get the satisfaction of speed, functionality and design but this does nothing better then the standard M9.  Who knows maybe the son of Kim Jung Il has already bought this and plans to shoot it when he launches the….

  • DeepFriedButter

    lol exactly what i was thinking. the lens mount looks horribly shopped.

  • Assaf Lavie

    Seriously? Are you posting this Photoshop disaster??? 

  • Jenrenfarrar

    The bad part is the lens isn’t even white…it’s silver.