Sony Reportedly Working on a Full Frame Square Sensor Camera

Samsung may not be the only camera company dabbling with the idea of a digital Hasselblad 500CM-style camera: Sony is reportedly working on a new SLT camera called the “A1S” that features a “full frame” square sensor. sonyalpharumors writes that the prototype camera in development has the following specs: compatibility with existing Alpha and Minolta lenses, a 36x36mm square sensor with 37-megapixel resolution, a large body (larger than the Sony A900), a square electronic viewfinder, and a 3×3-inch display.

(via sonyalpharumors)

Image credit: Hasselblad 500C/M with Planar 1:2,8 80mm by Cheffalo

  • Spider- Man


  • Spider- Man

    too bad it’s sony blah

  • Scott Hutchison

    Don’t worry, sony will make the thing, sell seven of them and turn the chip tech over to nikon and they will make a bundle.

  • BeerRules

    YES a sensor that makes use of most of the lens circle, you can crop it afterwards to your taste, will not neet to turn the camera to “portrait”

  • BeerRules

    Nah, Nikon are too dutchbags to go for square format

  • Iremon

    Please, please, please!

    Or how about a retro-fit digital back for my Rolleiflex TLR’s!

  • Matic

    what about a real full frame diiral back for my hassy, meaning 60mm x 60mm

  • OSAM

    90% of the fun of MF is the optical waist-level viewfinder.  Replace that with a screen and it feels like another damned camcorder.  Pass.

  • Dutchman

    I ‘ a Dutchman and I believe it’s DOUCHEBAGS not Dutchbags, Douchebag! :-)

  • Mila

    37MPix makes 20MPix for 16:9 and 28MPix for 4:3 crops. Not sure if good or bad if I have to crop every photo?

  • Jannx

    shoot film instead it’s cheaper

  • gokhan

    they should brand it differently. SONY does not look good in the front IMHO. They could find a solution:
    toyota-lexus?? :)

  • Gokhan

    I have a video, requesting camera makers to go this direction long time ago. I guess somebody at sony watched the video and head the right way..
    here is the link to my blog where the video is, if you care to watch

  • mko

    I’m a douchebag and i find that offensive 

  • Geoffrey Froment

    who is gonna buy it ? seriously ? thx for answers

  • Matt

    Well, I guess I can understand having a Hassy as a pic for the story, but 36×36 is NOT MF.  I was hoping that Sony was getting into MF.  Too bad.

  • RCB

    Why does it look remotely like something 1950’s communists would turn out? Just kidding.