Nikon D800 Receives the Highest Sensor Score Ever Given by DxOMark

Turns out the 36.3 megapixel sensor inside the new Nikon D800 isn’t just a megapixel war marketing tactic: the sensor has been given the highest score ever awarded by camera equipment rating service DxOMark. Calling it a “complete success in every sensor-related respect”, the lab states that the D800’s sensor has become the new sensor of reference by which all other camera sensors will be measured. Furthermore, it boasts an “unmatched quality-to-price ratio” by being the cheapest (by far) among the 8 top cameras. The sensor is even comparable in quality to the best medium-format sensors out there, and even outperforms them at higher ISOs. Check out the full review for a more detailed analysis of the sensor and how the D800 stacks up against competition.

Nikon D800: The best sensor analyzed on DxOMark! [DxOMark]

  • Anon.

    Isn’t that a Sony sensor in there? Guess they must be pretty pleased…

  • James Bailey

    Anon. Its a Nikon designed sensor. I believe your confusing Sony’s role in this as they fab it.

  • Marko Lehtola
  • Ted Marlow

    so?  i dont think the nokia PHONE has the ability to swap lenses or do any real CAMERA type stuff.  of course you cant get onto facebook with the d800 yet ;)

  • BeerRules

    Sony makes great sensors and yet their cameras are not top notch

  • BeerRules

    I could design a flying car, so the one who manufactures don’t get credit? lol, also Nikon tech would design something that is doable acording to the manufacturing tech of Sony. The previous sensor “designed” by Nikon and manufactured by Sony ended up having best performance on a Pentax…

  • Bachata

    Nokia phone can do calls!!! and fit on my pocket!!!

  • James Bailey

    I didn’t mention who gets credit :) 

  • Mice

     Sony might own the technology to manufacture it, but Nikon controls the actual specs.
    The D7000, DSLR-A850, and K-5 all have the same sensors, but they are tweaked to each manufacturer’s specs.

    So even “if” Sony decides to mount this sensor on their new replacement for the DSLR-A900… chances are there will be slight differences in ISO performance, Color Depth, and and Dynamic Range. And DxO scores will reflect that.

  • Inmemoriam_45

    Sorry for Sony they can´t fit nikkor lenses :)

  • Michael L

    Excellent to know that the D800 is performing so well but I really have to question the validity of the DxO test. Anybody who have seen a shot from even a 30 mpix medium format camera knows that it is MUCH sharper than any 35 mm DSLR and lately DxO have placed the D4 at the same level as the Phase One medium format camera… And the D4 is MILES away from reaching the Phase One – Both in sharpness and in the smoothness of gradients.

  • SS

     what makes Sony cameras not “top notch”?

  • Zak Henry

    I wonder if that sharpness you refer to is actually the glass of the MF camera not the sensor itself. I’m guessing that DxO removes the lens variable for their tests.

  • RaGa

    You mean like Foxconn iPhone and iPad… I wonder why the call it apple iPad., they just designed it… Is Foxconn that manufactured it.

  • Matt

    Actually, IMO, its just that DXO isn’t a great way to compare cameras.  I agree, MF is miles ahead in image quality. 

    I really like that Nikon is pushing the limits of the 35mm format.  

    However, I’m more excited about Sony getting in to MF. 

  • Derek

     Mice, the a850 is full frame.

  • Derek

     Mice, the a850 is full frame.