Abstract Images Created by Tearing and Layering Photographs

Raleigh, North Carolina-based artist Scott Hazard creates abstract images by tearing shapes into multiple prints of the same photograph, and then stacking the images on top of each other. He uses the technique to create things such as smoke, clouds, and portals in walls. He calls the project “Photo Constructs”.

Photo Constructs by Scott Hazard (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Scott Hazard and used with permission

  • Bjckane


  • blackfargo

    i dont understand the point…

  • Vhsclassof2011rocks


  • blackfargoluvsthecawk

    And that’s why you’re no fun there BlackFargo.

  • Michael J. Arvizu

    It’s OK. Go back to bouncing your ball.

  • Allen F Butcher

    I have seen his work in town(I am am from Raleigh).  Seeing it in person is so much cooler.

  • Timcardensphoto

    Wow that’s great. How innovative. Photography will never be the same. Yawn.

  • Allan McGregor

    Yeah, I don’t get the point either.  My boy does this at school and gets in trouble for it.

  • Blackfargo

    I mean no disrespect to the artist.  I guess I am from a different school of thought.  I happen to tire easily of boring photos that have undergone digital manipulation in an effort to be more interesting than their original content.  Effects are limitless and practically effortless if you have any grasp on basic imaging software.  Back to closed forums with intellectual discussions on imaging…

  • Momma Bear

    I shared this with quite a few friends on Facebook today!  They all LOVED it!  Keep up the FANTASTIC ideas!  And, to heck with those that “don’t” get it!  Do NOT let them get to your beautiful artistic soul!  Keep it up!  Look forward to seeing more of your works!

  • Crunch

    A critique isn’t a “feel good” session.  If you can’t handle it, keep your life private.

  • Jinjersnapps

    I enjoy the simplicity behind it, sometimes the best kind of art is concieved from simplicity. You have my kudos! browsing through the comments I could only imagine if I were to see the work live. And to one and all “Art is in the eye of the beholder.” =)