Hiking from a Corgi’s Point of View

YouTube member Syejukoon mounted a GoPro camera to the back of his corgi named Riley using a customized backpack, and then went hiking with Riley in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon Park.

  • will hall

    Im not sure if it’s rolling shutter, software IS or what, but there’s some really distracting distortion going on which makes this difficult to watch.

  • Joey Duncan

    It has to be some sort of software that is correcting for the lens distortion. I’m pretty sure that either it’s a GoPro2 and onboard software, might explain why it is so slow, or just a computer program that’s doing it. 

    Corgi  = cute little legs…. hobble, hobble, hobble… 

  • John Milleker

    Sorry, a few seconds into the hike and I started feeling sick with the Distortion.

  • Guest

     Looks like it might be a combination of rolling shutter, software IS, and fisheye lens. As the dog moves around, the software IS is stabilizing it by moving a cropped frame over the (fisheye) video. This might explain why we see the weird distortion. Rolling shutter would just add to it.

  • Leetta Yarlot

    I thought it was great and loved the music.  I wasn’t watching for distortion so I didn’t see it.  I certainly didn’t feel sick from it.

  • Alan Dove

    The shot of the owner framed by his dog’s ears around 1:14 is brilliant.

  • Bret Linford

    I think many of you are WAY over thinking this video. I was chuckling through the whole thing. Brilliant.

  • Michael Burk

    LOVED this! I often thought what a CorgiCam would look like… the lens is pretty wide it almost made it look like a Steadicam. I think the wide lens is what makes that slight distortion when there’s a little movement. I’m going to link to the video from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California… they’ll just love this.

  • ycorgigirl

    My corgi had a heart attack just watching this. lol. I loved it! Such fun!