Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera Concept

Olympus recently rebooted its OM line of film SLRs with the OM-D mirrorless camera, and many photographers are hoping that Canon will follow suit with one of its film bodies. Industrial designer and photographer David Riesenberg is among them, and recently decided turn what he wants to see into a concept drawing. After spending months “learning, debating, modeling, and rendering,” the Canon AE-D was born. Inspired by the AE and AE-P cameras, Riesenberg’s camera features the same 18.1MP full frame sensor found in the 1D X, a new CM-D lens mount that supports EF lenses with an adapter, a 50mm f/1.0L kit lens, and a pentaprism electronic viewfinder that attaches via the hot shoe.

Check out more views of the camera and a more detailed description over on Riesenberg’s website.

Canon Mirrorless Concept (via Yanko)

  • Ren Bostelaar

    Like a lot of us here, I’m sure, an AE-1 was the first camera I bought with my own money. This tugs at a few sentimental heartstrings, great concept.

  • Flgraphics

    I’d buy that

  • Paul Bryant

    Looks awesome! Give it a decent video mode and I’ll buy it.

  • Jeoncs

    only problem is that it would be a digital viewfinder. Other than that looks better than 90% of the retro ones out there

  • Stephen W. Morris

    Mmmmmm… bringing back sweet memories of my old A-1 that I have packed away somewhere.

  • Evan

    My goodness. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  • o emmanuelli

    looks just like the olympus OM D. the retro look is definitely nice

  • Scott Hutchison

    Full Frame…. that’s a win!

  • Gary Orona

    It looks a lot like the old Leica Digilux 2 5mp,  which I absolutely loved!

  • Ian Ludwig

    Um yes please, with that lens too!

  • David Isaac

    love the concept 

  • Justinflynn

    100% would trade in all I have to grab that lil beauty

  • Nathan Caulford

    Sold! :)

  • Steve

    I hope they make it.  EVF’s are great, no need to use the back screen to check exposure.  100% coverage, level checkers, histograms or whatever other info you use.  I like seeing B&W or any other effect I’m using in the viewfinder.  No noisy mirror, less weight and smaller size.  The early ones had lag and cut out after each photo but they have improved a lot.

  • Giovanni B.

    I want it. Please.

  • Lee Harris

    it is ugly, incomplete and typical of someone who has some 3d skills but little imagination, also the obsession with full frame is getting tedious, its unlikely they would make one anytime soon, for the great majority of people smaller sensors are where it is at, I have seen and played with the new Olympus and the size and construction is stunning ( and my biggest worry, the EVF was assuaged), reminds me of the discreet charms of the original Om1s 2s etc, I always found the old Canikons to be clonkers in comparison.

  • Lee Harris

    This looks as much like an OM D as a Fiat Punto looks like BMW; not only does the OM D exist but it is way more aesthetically pleasing, this is a brick.

  • OSAM

    Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning.  

  • Lee Harris

    If anything like this uninspired piece of crap comes into existence, I’ll gladly eat my pissed on cornflakes. It does not even have a multi angle screen for Christ’s sake.

  • jun agapito

    it’s that time of the month again, huh?

  • gabrielserna

    neither does the 5d mark III.. the lecia m9, the FujifilmX-Pro1.

    I’d rather buy a good weather sealed body that stays compact  if it has a outstanding electronic viewfinder than compromise to add a tilting rear lcd.

    Or buy the olympus OM-D but that looks nearly the same as this concept so I’d imagine you wouldn’t like that either

  • Lee Harris

    @ gabrielserna”Or buy the olympus OM-D but that looks nearly the same as this concept so I’d imagine you wouldn’t like that either” 

    Someone obviously did not read my post, as I make it clear I very much like the OM D, comparing it to this is ‘concept’ is daft, some superficial similarities exist (as I said above like there is between a Fiat Punto and a BMW), but the Olympus is tiny AND weather sealed WITH a flexible screen. Everyone take a good long look at the above and ask yourself how is this any different from some old stock image of a generic SLR design? ( ). Now if you don’t mind, apparently it’s that time of the month again (???) and I have pissy cornflakes to eat.

  • Sergio45

    If you don´t have a mirror, why did you need a pentaprism? funny to read

  • Tidal9

    Why do people have fake air intakes on their cars?

  • Robert Korn

    Not bad looking…couple of small complaints.  I’d over the A setting on the shutter speed dial next to the 1/4000 setting, no the 8s setting.  You also might want to build some kind of functionality into the knob on the left (the old film rewind knob)

  • Robert Korn

     It’s not a pentaprism…it’s an EVF located where the pentaprism would be, same as the Olympus OM-D

  • VaL

    I sure hope they build this camera…. but they should go back to a flange depth that will allow for the use of the FD lenses… then have adapters for the EF line…. too much to ask??

  • Ben

    What’s next a mirrorless Nikon F

  • Sean

    I don’t understand the point of posting a designer’s “concept” of how Canon should design a mirrorless camera. And really? the 1DX FF sensor in a mirrorless that mounts to EF?    NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN.

  • Infilm

    Jeez whiner!! Its just a concept! Christ.

  • Infilm

    If they build it, I will buy it. 

  • Infilm

    I totally agree about the sensor. I think the most that one who might be interested in something like this would be an APS-C sized sensor. Maybe the same sensor that the 7D has. 

  • John Muir

    I like the design… Allot actually. I wish they would consider just making it as an EF mount mirrorless body, the way Pentax did with the K-01, making it compatible with the K mount lenses without the need for an adapter. If they did that, I’d totally consider buying one!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    50mm f/1.0L kit lens” haha, couldn’t help but giggle at that kit option

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    or maybe a new sensor all-together, the sensor in the 7D is getting very old

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    The only thing I don’t like about the design is where the menu/info/play/bin buttons are – in keeping with Canon design they should be on the opposite side, much more comfortable operation.

  • nelso

    from the concept, looks to be just as much of a brick as an M9, which if you’ve used; is a pretty pleasing brick of a camera to use.

  • abu

    noticed that the shutter speed dial no “B” (bulb) and “T” (selftimer)… but love it!

  • rocketride

    It would be really sweet with a full frame version of the 70D ‘split pixel’ chip. That takes care of your real-time AF or focus confirmation.

    I think the best way for them to handle lens compatibility would to be for them to start a new line of short flange-focal-distance (SFFD) lenses and to offer separate adaptors for EF and FD lenses. There should be enough room in the FD adaptor for it to have the electromechanicals (solenoid, levers, etc.) needed to operate an FD lens’ mechanical diaphragm, while just running the control signal lines out in an EF adaptor should be a trivial exercise.

    For that matter, maybe someone would come out with adaptors for compatibility with other film-era mount. I’d give my eyeteeth for a body that I could use with my current EF glass, the FD glass my mom gave me when her eyesight got to the point where she had too much trouble manual focusing, and the OM glass from my old film cameras.

  • Sean Meaney

    id buy that