Keep Track of Charged Canon Batteries with the Blue Indicator Stripe

Have you ever wondered why newer Canon DSLR battery covers have a small rectangular hole punched into them? It’s more than just for style:

Take a look at the cover. Does it have a small cut-out a few millimetres in from one edge? This is not just decoration. It is designed so that you can tell at a glance which of your batteries are fully charged and which are not. The batteries that come with this cover have a blue stripe down one side of the back. When you remove a charged battery from the charger, you can attach the cover so that the blue is visible. When you remove a discharged battery from the camera, you can attach the cover so that the blue patch is not showing.

It’s a simple and useful tip that those of you who don’t read instruction manuals may have never learned.

(via Canon Professional Network)

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  • John Milleker

    I find a lot of people don’t know that on the Canon battery grip there’s also a tiny place to store the battery door you’ve got to take off.

  • PhotoDude2011

    Yay! A green stripe would have been more useful

  • Anatole Klapouch

    My battery (LP8) doesn’t have it. =/

  • guest

    I like this addition, simple yet useful as it’s something that is likely to be lost…

  • natums

    I use a piece of gaffers tape over the contact points on charged batteries as my ‘charged’ indicator, those battery covers always fall off on me anyway.

  • Z Griswold


  • Wil Fry

    “It’s a simple and useful tip that those of you who don’t read instruction manuals may have never learned.”

    I almost missed that last line. I was going to say: “It suggest this on the package.” At least with my 60D batteries, the packaging suggested using the battery cover this way.

    For my older cameras, I’ve had to develop my own system, as I’m sure many people have. One pocket on my backpack was for fully charged batteries; another pouch was for discharged batteries.

  • Wil Fry

     Must just be the newer grips. The Canon-brand battery grip for my Rebels didn’t have such a slot.

    However, the Vello grip for my 60D does have the slot, and it’s tremendously helpful to have that battery door handy.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Nikon grips have that slot too

  • Thomas Bisset

    Unless you’re Red/Green colour-blind…

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Find two similar sized pockets in your camera bag. Write NEW one one, USED on the other. Then keep the appropriate battery in the appropriate pocket. That’s the way I do it and have had little confusion. You just need to be as anal as I am about batteries.  

  • Gmr2048

    I don’t think it’s a newer/older things. The Canon grip I had for my 20D had the little battery door slot. Maybe the grips for the Rebel line lack them.

  • Josh

    my 550d third party grip has it… I JUST found out… hehe. :D

  • X-tra

    it’s been there for ages, at least it was such on my Canon G7

  • X-tra

    it’s been there for ages, at least it was such on my Canon G7

  • Jonas N

    Red-green blind people have trouble telling these colors apart. They don’t confuse the colors with grey though.

  • John Kantor

    I don’t use battery covers and don’t use lens caps.

  • Anthony Burokas

    Batteries with built-in gages rock.

  • donuts222

    hahah it’s funny to think how many times i must have used my batteries without knowing that

  • Ssshng

    my battery cover for my very old 350D , have that hole too. 

  • Ssshng

     Thanks for the article sharing too
    All the while.. i thought the cover should be use where the hole see the blue sticker… now only i know it goes both way

  • Josh

    My Rebel grip has the slot. just takes reading the manual.

  • Sam Carrot

    really useful tip. I must try the indicator