Beautiful Macro Photos of the Insides of Musical Instruments

Photographer Bjoern Ewers directed this creative advertising campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra that shows beautiful views of the insides of various instruments. Shot using a macro lens, each one looks more like a giant music hall than a musical instrument.

Can you name each instrument seen here?

(via Behance via Colossal)

  • Pat David

    Wow, that opening image is absolutely stunning!

  • Edward De la Torre

    Love these. Having grown up with bad vision I’d often look at things very closely and the smallest circuit board always felt like a city to me.

  • Philip Smith

    Violin. Soprano Sax. Guitar. Organ. Upright bass? I almost wanna say cello for the last one but it seems a bit too big.

  • Cryingwolves

    I am going to say; 1 violin, 2 flute, 3 guitar, 4 pipe organ, 5 cello

  • Piotr Hnatiuk

    New point of view in music and it’s amazing light.

  • Dave

    Beautiful photos. I almost wish there was no description so I could spend time figuring out what it was.

  • Bergurij

    fantastic !!

  • Bigdavid

    Amazing….how can you get macro, wide angle, and that amount of depth-of-field in one shot?

  • Philip Smith

     that is EXACTLY what i was just wondering.

  • Broovwa

    How does the photographer maintain almost complete DOF in these images with a macro lens? either using a miniscule aperture, or focus stacking?

  • Blackwidow

    Tilt shift lens. :)

  • Almond

    Tilt-shift lens.

  • Emanuel Brunson

    Beautiful images!

  • Alex

    Guitar,dnt knw(organ?),Violin

  • Alex

    Nice shots!Does any one knw whats that 4th pic is? seems like some Organ…

  • Swimmingd2

    Shots 1,3,5 should be the inside of a music hall or gallery. Beautiful

  • Krondor

    I seriously doubt the photos of string instruments are actual macro shots, they look to me like scaled up models.

  • hamis név

    the last one has bracing like you would see on a double bass with a flat back

  • hamis név

    the last one has bracing like you would see on a double bass with a flat back

  • Scott

    What musician would allow a photographer to disassemble their livelihood for these pictures?  How would you get it without tearing the string instruments apart?  Some sort of fiber-optic camera maybe?

  • mythbuster

    harmonious and harmonic task indeed!

  • Barry

    Hey Scott,

    I don’t think they said that these were the orchestra’s instruments and there’d be a lot of wooden intrument makers in Germany. My pick us that they woukd have gone to a workshop and photoed some unfinished instruments.

    Hey I don’t know, but I can’t see the musos letting some advertising boza cut up or make holes for lenses or fibre optics.

  • Atom Foto

    What a great idea…incredible views!

  • Sergio Alonso Rodríguez

    mmm i´ve got an 85mm micro PC and i see more dof there than the lens could reach. Not sure but i think its a focus stacking.

  • Jbr13

    I would be nice to find out how these were taken!  The images are amazing, I just cant see how he could get those angles, or even into some of those instruments with a camera lens.  I figured he found some way of hooking a DSLR to a borescope.  Hope PetaPixel can find out some more info!!!!

  • I Worry

    my guess is no DSLR, but one of the very small industrial optics for looking thru pipes, etc. Other than the organ picture!

  • Skypny

    For the record, these images are under the CGI section of the original site. We may have been tricked.

  • Jacatero

    maybe by stacking his images?

  • MuttnVair

    Violin, Flute, Pipe Organ, Cello or Bass Viol

  • MuttnVair

     OH! I forgot the Guitar!

  • Ae Hical


  • Dan

    How can you get these wide angles of view with a macro lens?

  • Aa

     nop! first one is a cello, the last picutre is a bass

  • Muhammad Aji Priandaka

    Where are the soundposts?

  • Ray Casbourn, photographer.

    Fantastic and unique images. Simply said: WOW! Marvelous. Keep on doing this…one of a kind and original views.

  • corc

    look like renderings to me

  • Mark Tisdale

    Fantastic idea – very creative!

  • jomi

    viola, c flute, classical guitar, pipe organ, cello

  • Guitar shred


  • saaaaaaaam

    not bad

  • David Geiger

    ” Viola “, Soprano saxiphone ,Guitar, Church Pipe Organ, Double Bass.

  • David Geiger

    On a Viola, the edge band is taller than a Violin.

  • Fêlǐxîŏ Zhêňg

    take many shots of different focuses and photoshop them together would be my guess