Remote Instagram Printer Instaprint Going from Prototype to Product

One year ago we featured a novel new device called Instaprint, a location-based photo booth that lets people create instant prints of Instagram photos by simply tagging them with a specific tag. It constantly scans Instagram for its tag, and when a photo is found the image is immediately printed out as a Zink print. Now Breakfast, the company behind the prototype, is trying to turn it into an actual product. They’re trying to raise half a million bucks through Kickstarter and a $400 contribution effectively preorder one.

Here’s the promo video:

To demonstrate the device in action, they’ve even set up a live webcam pointed at two Instaprint printers that use the tag “#instaprint”. Simply add that tag to a photo, and you’ll see it pop out of the printer!

Instaprint [Kickstarter]

  • Flgraphics

    that is damn cool.. and it works! I could see my print come out!

  • B E. L

    Why is it not called “Printstagram”?

  • Dad

    Check out app called Pimpstagram…way cooler!

  • B E. L

    Holy fuck

  • Fedor Stp

    Would be better if it was logged in to your Instagram profile and printed whatever you snapped

  • Cartridge Save James

    That’s, like, totally super cool :D I’m gonna take so many meaningful Instagram photos of myself being all poetic and stuff. 

  • Robert

    Yeah, I want one of those. I love the idea of having a machine at my business that consumes expensive ink and paper on the whim of someone anywhere in the world who adds my tag ‘for a laugh’.

    Not sold.

  • David

    That name seems to already be taken, by a different company.

  • David

    I believe you would set your own machine up I only print those photos tagged with a tag of your choosing…