How to Quickly Find and Select Black and White Points in Photoshop

Here’s a nifty Photoshop tip by photographer Alex Wise on how you can use a Threshold layer to approximate black and white points in a photograph, and then use those points in the Curves tool to remove color casts from photos.

  • Pat David

    Doing the same thing in GIMP: 

    The problem is you really need to carefully consider the point assignment, as these tools usually consider the threshold as a function of luminosity of a given point.  As such you could still throw the color cast out of whack if you’re not careful…

  • Dan

    There is a much more elegant way: Simply hold the alt/option-key while moving the black/white-point sliders in curves or levels and you will see the threshold live.

  • Joshua Morin

    Thanks, that’s a cool tip!

  • Penio Dachev

    Wow! Nice one, mate :) Thanks!

  • Bongat

    Sorry but there is an even easier way. Create a new Curves layer, select the black and white point like Alex did in the video BUT hold down ALT. You`ll find your black-/whitepoints by clicking through the areas. Same result but much faster.

  • Alex

    Bongat – Thanks for sharing, I wasn’t aware of that :)

  • Espo

    Ahh…that is what you have to love about photoshop–1,000 ways to do the same thing–Thanks for the article and comments.

  • padmarekha raveendranath

    how do we find threshold b/w points for a b/w photo

  • Dan

    By holding down ALT when moving the black and white sliders in a curves or levels adjustment layer.