Stunning 360° Aerial Panoramas of the World’s Highest Waterfall

Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall as well as the inspiration for Paradise Falls in the Pixar film Up. Unless you’re planning on visiting the falls in the heart of Venezuela in person, the next best thing might be this stunning series of 360° aerial panoramas recently captured by photographer Dmitry Moiseenko over two days from a helicopter. Pan around, zoom into the scene, and become immersed in the otherworldly landscapes found at Angel Falls.

Moiseenko has also written up an article about the experience over at AirPano where the panoramas are hosted.

Venezuela. Surroundings of Angel Falls (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Dmitry Moiseenko

  • TekAng 

    Ooossom POV :)

  • ronbrinkmann

    Not nearly as cool a vantage point as some of these, but here’s a stitched-together shot of the falls taken in beautiful morning light (10K pixels wide)

  • Andrew Bowness

    Stunning is the word.

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    Just got a brain boost! Awesome shots.

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    Made me dizzy & I threw up. 

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    Its Amazing. Thanks a lot for shearing these pictures with us.

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    So beautiful! Thank you

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    Treat to the Eyes.

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    Venezuela! my incredible and beautiful country!