Flickr Disables Pinterest Pinning for Copyrighted Photos

One of the new darlings of the Internet world is Pinterest, a photo-sharing social network that has exploded in the past year to become one of the world’s most popular websites. In recent days, however, there has been concern over the fact that copyrighted images can be so easily reproduced and reused on Pinterest without the owner’s permission. A week ago Pinterest launched a special “nopin” HTML meta tag that lets website owners prevent “pinning” on their sites, and last Friday Flickr became the first large photo service to implement the tag, preventing “pinning” for copyrighted and protected photos. Previously Flickr was the third most popular source of pins on Pinterest, so this update will likely have a big impact on both sites.

(via VentureBeat)

Update: The tag isn’t automatically added to all copyrighted photos. However, only “safe”, “public”, and “sharing enabled” photos are pinnable. (Thanks Jim!)

  • jimgoldstein

    Not quite. Its not a blanket nopin for copyrighted photos. According to their help forum Pinterest’s no pin code is only active if you turn off sharing.

  • Jesse Hildebrand

    I’d really like a seperate option in the Flickr preferences to be able to turn pinning on/off independent of my other sharing settings… but you can’t have everything :)

  • Dan Howard

    I’d like flickr to just quit and die a horrible death. 

    this is such a stupid thing, Pintrest is a place to share links and ideas. I refuse to use flickr as it lost some of my images and i have had friends who accounts have been wrongfully deleted. I use 500px now and every image i post there gets repinned to my photography boards on pintrest to increase my exposure.

    flickr needs to flick-off

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks jim!

  • marco

    I think a good step taken by flickr, because it handles better protection of the photographs andcopyright

  • Crystal Beck

    I think there needs to be a way to separate having photos pin-enabled versus being open to sharing with everyone. I don’t WANT anyone to be able to come along and use my photos wherever they want. I DO want people to be able to pin them, since pinterest includes links back to the original source, be it my blog or my flickr account.

  • Dawn Nicole

    Agreed!  I want people to be able to pin images from my blog…I watermark all my photos.