Canon 5D Mark III Photos and Specs Leak Ahead of Impending Launch

We’re on the verge of seeing the successor to the Canon 5D Mark II, the 5D Mark III, and photos and specs are already starting to emerge ahead of the camera’s rumored March 2nd announcement. The camera will reportedly have a 22MP sensor, 61 autofocus points, 100% viewfinder coverage, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, dual CF/SD slots, and a price tag of around $3,500.

Here are a couple more leaked photos:

There are also a few new lenses rumored to be on the horizon: a Canon EF-S 18-125mm II, an EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x, and an EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens.

(via Canon Rumors Forum via Canon Rumors)

  • Nathan Park

    The price is just too high…

  • Spider- Man

    the rent is too damn high…

  • Chris

    The price is about right.. if it shoots 4k video.  :)

  • Tim Gander

    Is there anyone left that NEEDS a new camera?

  • Spaby

    The url says canon-5d-mark-ii-photos-and

  • Flgraphics

    who the hell needs 22mp files, is everyone printing posters of their images?

  • Brad Trent

    I’ve talked to Canon reps for the past couple of years about what the next 5-series body would be like, and they always act like they’re guarding the secret to cold fusion. Getting any kind of straight answer out of them has been impossible and honestly, it kind of pissed me off. As a working pro, knowing what ‘might’ be in the pipeline could really help me in my business and when your own rep can’t tell you anything, the frustration you begin to feel makes any kind of brand loyalty secondary. At the last Photo Expo in New York when all anybody wanted to talk about was the 1Dx launch, there were a lot of guys like me feeling extremely left out by Canon. It’s not too much to say that the 1Dx, while a very nice machine, is not the ideal body for the majority of photographers out there and that doesn’t have anything to do with what it costs. But Canon was so hopped up about their new toy that any questions about what the 5D mkII’s replacement might be like were met with a stony wall of silence.

    So without any information coming directly from Canon, like everyone else I’ve recently been following all the leaks about the 5D Mark III or 5Dx or whatever they plan to call the thing. Whether any of them are true or not ain’t gonna really change my life since I spend most of my time with my face pressed firmly against a Hasselblad with a Leaf back, but if Canon does stick to their guns and keep the new model’s pixel count at the 22MP range, it will probably be the thing to push me back to Nikon after more than 20 years of being a Canon guy. I was very happy with the first 1Ds…for what it was…but moved to the 5D Mark II for obvious reasons, even though it has a fair number of shortcomings…the focusing system being my main concern. If Canon does have a new 61 autofocus point system in the new model it will help, but for a guy like me who constantly compares the files that pop outta my Leaf back to the less-groovy versions that the Canon spits out, then the Nikon D800…with it’s 36.3 MP chip…is looking better and better all the time. And I get that if you’re a news guy or a sports guy the lower megapixel count on the new 1Dx is less important than the high capture rate and better ISO range. Likewise, I also fully understand that for the majority of jobs, the 5D’s 22MP capture is gonna be just ‘fine’. But I really could give a damn about ‘fine’. All things being equal, if I compare two DSLR’s capturing 14-bit images, if one is using a 22MP chip and the other has a 36.3MP chip, I’m pretty sure I know which one is gonna come out on top.  I’m gonna give the D800 a test drive, and if it does what I think it is capable of, I’ll sell off my small but capable collection of Canon bodies and glass and pick up similar stuff with a Nikon badge. Like I said, my loyalty to Canon has its limits, and since they seem to think that 22MP is all a guy like me needs, then I’m sorry, but I think they’re wrong.

  • SuperLatino

    Not true, I already checked with my friends at Canon and what they said is: “There’s no plans for such camera, the 5D is selling very well; you may see a 7D upgrade before there is one for the 5D, and if we were to do such thing then it wouldn’t be a Mark III but rather carry an X like the new generation of upgrades”. Great photoshop, but not true.

  • Sara-Jane

    I do – all my gear was stolen from my car. Don’t know that I can afford this one though.

  • Aaro Keipi

     Croppability is a wonderful thing. And the ability to get posters made if you want.

  • Mike Philippens

    The ‘X’ in the 1D is to mark the 10th generation of Canon Pro bodies, so it would be highly unlikely for a 5D to carry the ‘X’. A Mk.III would make more sense. But, we’ll see in a couple of days.

  • Dan Glindemann

    I am one of the many hell that need 22mp files to be honest I would be happy if it was 32mp! I guess its not needed if all you do is put your images on flickr and facebook. But for all the comercial photographers and people that actually *PRINT* (yes people still do that) more res available the better.

  • SuperLatino

    Do you work for Canon?

  • Leonardo Martínez

     If you can’t afford a camera like this it only means you don’t really need a camera like this, so buy a cheaper one.

  • SuperLatino

    And how would you explain the Power Shot G1 X ?

  • Leonardo Martínez

     Also it’s easier to edit a bigger image. So, a LOT of advertising photographers need 22mp files or bigger. That’s why there are 80mp digital backs for medium format cameras.

  • Leonardo Martínez

     Do you?

  • Simon

    Brad Trent, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

  • ANON

    Are you possibly the biggest idiot ever? There is no way I can afford this, but I need the full-frame sensor for wide-angle lenses. With crop-bodies you have to go even wider, and that means either distortion or expensive lenses in the price range of this camera…. Also, low-light performance is a plus, I only like tripods for landscape work. 

    Also, can anyone with a 5DmII comment on single-point AF performance? I only use the middle point anyways, and I can probably get the 5D for cheap off of someone.

  • ANON

    When this one releases, that is. 

  • J.L. Williams

    “Only 22 megapixels? Like, dude, my phone has more pixels than that.”

    — What we’ll all be putting up with once the new Nokia goes on sale.

  • stevealderphoto

    The best part about this article is that I might be be able to pick up a 5D mkII used for a little cheaper.

  • Dougie Fresh
  • Puncker

    i didn’t even know the 5D Mark II came out. I got to stop shooting so much and starting following photo gossip online.

  • HD Cam Team

    I think the price won’t be as high as $3,500, probably $3,000.

  • HD Cam Team

    It won’t shoot 4K.

  • HD Cam Team

    Current 5D Mark 2 shoots 21MP like 1Ds Mark III (same sensor)

    22MP will be a VERY big benefit for video (exact 1/3 scaling and binding for Full HD in a 3:2 sensor) and very good low light performance (assuming Canon has improved the sensor along these past years since the 1Ds Mark III)

    So yes, 22MP is great! We also need it for 24″ x 32″ prints for fine art exhibitions.

  • Chris

    I suspect you’re right; this was my way of saying that the price totally sucks.  Why would someone pay $1500 more for a 5d3 body than a 5d2, if the major improvement is just to AF?

  • HD Cam Team

    It seems you are not really taking into account the Dynamic range performance, the Low light performance (High ISO performance), etc.

    Just more MP count doesn’t mean better pictures at all. It may help in some situations, but in lot of cases you won’t get the “clean” results of a recent lower MP camera with same sensor size.

    Despite sensor development and improvements, there’s a limit, hence a balance that needs to be achieved. Depending on your own needs you may find 36MP sensor better or lot worse (more noisy) than 22MP sensor (always speaking of “same generation” sensors, obviously).

  • Canon pro

    It can be done see Nikon D800 or even D3X

  • HD Cam Team

    D3X is 24MP…

    But, just wait to see how is the 5D Mark III performance… on stills & video.


    It would have been smarter for Canon to announce that they will provide specs
    for their rival to the D800 Nikon on a date certain 6 months from actual shipping date of the D800. That way, if they have guessed wrong with the 22mpxl sensor, they can serve a 36MPX  up, shipping maybe in 9 months from today. I’m 66% an HD video guy, and a 33% stillman. For stills I want max size CMOS for cropping, as a video guy I want full HDMI output, for external recording, and a taller LCD display with a little acceptable lateral compression to allow better manual focusing. The letterbox they have on my Mark 2, doesn,t quite cut it for manual focusing. Also,some video guys would like to have 7.5 fps burst in 3 or 4 K stills, to make effect shots in slo-mo stepping mode, for sport video coverage. They could be croppable and still look great. Does anybody remember the hugely popular
    Comadore 64 computer? They had the world by the tail in the early eighties, but they came out with a Comadore 128, when IBM offered the 286 PC, the rest is history!!! Canon might rue the day, they made us wait 3 years for ONE MORE PIXEL ON THE C-MOS sensor!

  • Andrew

    Hey Anon
    I use the single point AF 80% of the time and find it great.  Yes my focal point may change if the subject moves or if the lens is being pushed to its limits [i.e. near dark situation with an f1.2 and no tripod, equals pain in the ass with AF…course lets be realistic, this happens often in this type of situation].  At times I shoot architecturally with a 16-35 f2.8 on a 5D MKII and get great results…especially if I use the lens correction function(s) in LR during post… If you can swing it the 5D is so far behind the curve its worth the extra [read probably $1000-1500 more…so not cheap by any stretch] coin…seriously, your imagery will have so much more latitude to work with.

  • Andrew

    completely agree. 

  • Matt Shaw

    I was half expecting “…and with its new 3G connectivity you can upload your images directly to Instagram!”

  • Nach64

    You don’t shoot editorial do you?

  • Hundrednamesband

    Honestly bud,
    When Canon released the 5D2 with the added “option” of shooting high quality
    Video, i dont thDink they were expecting to start a new revolution
    Of filmmakers. I believe that’s where they’ve went with the new 5D3… You can’t deny the new direction the 5D series has gone… When you think of a 5D2, i dont even think i hear still photography in the same sentence anymore… Even though it was the camera that took Obama’s first presidential photo.. Lol. I totally respect still photography. I actually bought a T2i to start learning dslr filmmaking and wound up shooting stills with it so much, i dont even have a video from it yet.

  • Jeff

     Just to the AF? AF is a HUGE thing to anyone in events or sports. I know lots of people that would pay the 1500 for it because it will still be cheaper than the 1d

  • Nick

    I for one am interested in a new camera. I’ve been using a borrowed 5D for a year.

    I’m interested in shooting portraits that I hope to one day to print larger than 17X22 for exhibition. I have looked a great deal at the Nikon D800. I’m simply concerned about the idea of having a FF sensor that’s 36mp. Nikon had to release a technical guide that spoke continually about blur. In fact it mentioned blur 19 times. Canon’s 5D mk III/X at a potential 22mp seems like a more reasonable proposition for FF sensor size. I think it will allow you to have enough sensitivity and dynamic range as well as giving you a decent file size. If the AF is improved as stated as well as having the new DIGIC V processor, I’m hoping it’s the best of both worlds.

    But until we start to see some real hands on reviews, the jury is still out on both the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D mk III/X.


    As some of you might know, I specialize in 3D with the 5D mark 2 in pairs, using
    a special close mounting arrangement that improves results. Hopefully, 5DM3
    will offer further advantages…HDMI full file output would be the most desirable upgrade for pro video (2D or 3D), as is the dual card feature (CF or SD) mentioned in the rumor specs. Dual cam shooting, by the way offers more than 3D, it also allows shooting with different focal length prime lens, or zooms
    set differently, AND when your 12 minute  run is up (the 4G limit thing) you can
    alternate for another 12 minutes with your B camera, for full coverage of an event
    without stopping. My rig on a monopd weighs under 10 pounds! I recently covered the 70th aniversary event at Pearl Harbor. There were 50 pro HD cams on
    tripods, even a huge boom but I moved 48 times, to cover most everything in 3D, and great 2D HD with the monopod and steady doubly mount.

  • Rocco Saya

    Always put gear in your trunk!

  • Cobrajml

    I have been a canon guy for a long time and i just ordered my D800, I will be selling off my canon stuff and making that switch too!

  • Sam Figueroa

    Never leave your gear in the car. 

  • Sam Figueroa

    No DOF preview button? What? 

  • Mike Philippens

     No, but Canon didn’t keep that little fact a secret.
    I guess we’ll be sure in a couple of days. It seems credible to me that it will be the Mark III instead of an X. We’ll see, won’t we?

  • SuperLatino

    This is not my personal opinion, but actual information from people that work @ Corporate Canon. You’re welcome to have your personal opinion (it’s all good) I’m just writing information I received from them.

  • Mute

     AF is, as Jeff said, a very major thing to improve on, plus that’s obviously not going to be the only improvement. Just because the megapixel count hasn’t changed much doesn’t mean everything is exactly the same.

    Reviews need to come out but I seriously doubt Canon haven’t made major improvements to all other aspects of the camera’s performance. If indeed the only major improvement Canon have made is to AF then it’s going to be a total dud.

  • Mandy Jones


    can’t wait to see the announcement – only a couple of days to go!

  • SuperLatino

    So far no press releases from Canon, if the company were to release a new product today it would have been posted on their webpage at 12:00am est. Like I said before: I know people at Canon and what they told me is that they are currently busy working the new cameras: EOS 1D-X, Power Shot G1-X and the EOS Cinema E-300. The info so far is there’s no such thing as a 5D MarkIII release.

  • Mike Philippens

    How long are you going to keep that up? Check the buildup of the presentation in Shanghai: Or is that all photoshopped? And the full specs and product photos at All made up and photoshopped? Just set your alarm at 11pm eastern and see for yourself:
    By the time I wake up tomorrow it will all be clear… ;)