Fearless French Photojournalist Reveals the Horror in Homs

A French photographer who goes by the pseudonym Mani was recently in Homs, Syria documenting the urban warfare between government forces and rebel fighters. The video above, broadcast by Channel 4 News in Britain, shows the amazing footage Mani was able to capture by fearlessly putting himself in the midst of skirmishes.

While the world has become used to grainy shaky and gruesome footage and images from Homs fed through whatever Internet connection is available, Mani’s crystal clear and incredible footage gives perhaps the clearest and most frightening account of what Homs has been like for the past three weeks.

(via NYTimes)

  • mythbuster

    Thanks a lot, but why don´t you go Guantánamo to show “fearless” the horror of tortured people? Oh, they just don´t like you to go there, isn´t? Less CIA´s propaganda, please…

  • Eziz

    A guy risks his life to show and educate you and others on what’s happening around the world, so you’ll be less ignorant. I guess, it’s all for nothing …

  • mythbuster

    Ignorant? You are very naive indeed and don´t know what is manipulation!

  • tron

    get the fuck out you armchair quarterback

  • mythbuster

    ok, if you are so stupid to believe this, go to war or send your son there, kill a lot of people, destroy a country in the name of justice and human rights or be killed instead or return home in a wheelchair.

  • Lena

    This is incredible footage. It really shows that we shouldn’t be thinking of war in an “us” vs “them” mentality. Instead, we should think of war as a great tragedy on all the people of the world. We should stand together, not apart. We should not just think of the people in the latest Iraq bombings, but everyone who is compelled to go to war or was harmed as a result of war. Approach each conflict as if it was a funeral with great reverence and respect. The more we go to war, the more each generation will get used to being in a state of war.