Ridiculous Mockumentary on Imaginary Photographer Clayton Sotos

Tech companies often like to create mini-documentaries featuring creatives who use their products — last year both Intel and Brother made videos about fashion photographer Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). Well, it appears that some creatives are trying to troll Dell by spreading this ridiculous short video that explores the work of “renowned photographer Clayton Sotos“. It’s supposedly part of a new “Visual Innovators” series by Dell, and has amassed tens of thousands of views already since being uploaded yesterday. The most common comment left on the video is, “…”. Be warned: Soto’s subject matter may be disturbing to some of you and probably isn’t work safe for most of you.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Tom

  • David

    That may be a mockumentary, but it is beautifully shot.  Also, the images of the “smoke” were great – I’d use one for a wallpaper.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahaha. Really well done!

    Glad you changed the title to “Mockumentary,” as pseudo-documentary just did not have the same ring to it. :)

  • Jep

    well, that has to be some new technology, using a film camera and theader it to the computer. And don’t try to say there is a digital back, cause there isn’t one!

  • Anonymous

    This was the one thing that made it ring out as immediately fake to me.  Otherwise, I would have bought it.  There are some wacky photographers out there.

  • Aaro Keipi

    Absolutely hilarious. This is how you do satire.

  • Trumpete1

    At first I wasn’t quite sure…then I saw the Mamiya sending pictures to the computer.

  • Roman

    American Beauty Beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Dangit, forgot to read the NSFW part at the bottom, and now I can’t “unsee” that last part. *face palm*

  • Baz

    Clever satire. Very funny.  It pokes fun at the pretension so prevalent in the art world