Portraits of Dogs Jumping Underwater

Pet photographer Seth Casteel of LittleFriendsPhoto captures hilarious underwater portraits of dogs as they jump into a swimming pool to fetch balls and toys.

You can find more of these photographs over on Facebook.

(via Beautiful/Decay)

Images credits: Photographs by Seth Casteel and represented by

  • Anonymous

    Bloody brilliant!  Love them!

  • Jason Collin

    The action shots of the dogs are incredible.  Their faces are just saw fun to look at.  Well done.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahaha. It hurts to look at because it makes me laugh so much. <3

  • Richard Ford

    That 2nd one of the Peke is cool.

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    this is amazing that dog love to play underwater and this is good to dogs.
    last pix is different from other.

  • Anonymous

    Great ,go to his site even more.

  • Maclovio Hudson

    haha the first one its so cool :)