Playful Portraits of Kittens Mid-Pounce


Photographer Seth Casteel made his viral name by photographing dogs and puppies, dogs and puppies underwater to be exact. But for his latest project, Pounce, he’s ventured over to the dark side … where they are kittens.

Pounce, as the name suggests, is a photography book full of pictures of adorable felines jumping at the camera in full attack mode. But lest you think this is just a collection of cute photos for you to “aww” over and then forget, there is a purpose behind this fun new photo book.


As with Seth’s previous projects, Pounce is first and foremost about helping the animals he photographs—in fact, every single cat featured in the book was available for adoption or already rescued at the time he snapped the pictures. The book even includes some tips for those who want to “help kitty cats”:

  1. Adopt a cat from your local animal shelter or rescue group. And don’t stop at just one. Adopt two! Cats are social creatures.
  2. Spay and neuter your cats to help reduce overpopulation in shelters.
  3. Never declaw your cats. Your cats need claws in order to be both healthy and happy.
  4. Play with your cats every single day. You are helping them get exercise, relieve boredom, build confidence and become even better friends with you!

Of course, as with Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies, if you do want to treat Pounce as just a cute photo book for yourself or a gift for your dearest animal-loving friend, Seth won’t hold it against you.

Here’s a small taste for you to “aww” over:







To see more of Seth’s work, check out our previous features or head over to his website. And if you’re interested in picking up Pounce, you can grab the hardcover photo book on Amazon for just $17.50.

Image credits: All photographs by Seth Casteel and used with permission.