A Glimpse Into How the Art World Works

Here’s an interesting 12-minute video that offers one explanation into how the world of art works. Even if you don’t agree with the philosophy and worldview described in the video, it’s still an eye-opening tour of the different things that influence and power the mysterious world of art.

  • Michael

    Too long and boring!

  • The Artist…

    Brilliant :-)

  • Anonymous
  • Dan

    I do not agree with every point of the list at the end, but apart from that this is very inspiring and challenging. Awesome.

  • Scott Santarromana

    Some of those suggestions at the end remind me of the “” photographer. “not paying attention to detail”, “address world at large”, “not expect money or fame” and some of the other suggestions are certainly “traits” of users.

  • Mantis

    Wow, I loved that.  Saving to watch again.

  • Bri

    Some great points. I believe Art is simply beauty, the only thing is that everyone perceives beauty in a different way. A true Artist should never have to justify their work, just display it.

  • Anonymous

    Simple minded sophmoric twaddle. They, the members of this art gallary or collective or whatever, are intentionally playing the exact game they claim to be critiquing. Creating movements and stances in responce to preivous movments and stances is every bit a part of the art world process and thats what they are attempting here.

    Didn’t Oscar Wild say that displaying a lack of pretension is in fact the height of pretension? (or was that pretense, or artifice?)

    And who says all art only ever has veague meaning? Just because one may be too obteuse or self absorbed to see intricate and subtle meanings doesn’t mean such meanings don’t exist.

    One of the less pleasant messages of that video is “trying too hard is a waste of time.” That’s NOT the same as “anyone can do it.”

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like  the long boring artist statements which sometimes do not even have art attached to them today,at least this had some humor everyone in this culture is so intent on being different they are the same.

  • Anonymous

    Obtuse not Obteuse ,Previous not Preivous,Gallery not Gallary,Response not Responce , the post was funny yet truthful but your highness does not see it that way and it has affected his spelling skills.

  • Jeannine

    Absolute nonsense