Nikon Unveils the D800: A DSLR That Tips the Scales at 36.3 Megapixels

The months of rumors and speculation are finally over: Nikon has announced its long-awaited D800 FX-format DSLR. As was revealed back in October 2011, the camera offers a staggering 36.3-megapixels — the world’s highest in a 35mm DSLR. Other specs include an ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to 25,600), 91k RGB 3D color metering, a speedy 51-point AF system, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, 4fps continuous shooting (5fps for DX shots), 1080/30p HD video recording, and… in-camera two-shot HDR.

Here’s a quick product tour of the new camera:

There will also be a second camera called the Nikon D800E that eschews the lowpass (anti-aliasing) filter found in the D800. This leads to slightly sharper photos at the expense of introducing color moire and chroma noise.

Here’s a short film titled “Joy Ride” by Sandro that demonstrates the filmmaking capabilities of the D800:

The Nikon D800 will be available starting in March 2012 with a price tag of $3000, though you can already start preordering them over at Amazon. The D800E will arrive in April for $3300.

(via Nikon)

  • Edward De La Torre

    That video reaffirmed my opinion that although visual quality is important to any film, there’s nothing like a good soundtrack.

  • Markus WET

    36MP? Well, nothing to do here. I’ll get a good old D700 if I ever want to try FX!

  • mythbuster

    only 36 MP? ;-) I think serious photographers would prefer a MF 645D or going cheaper as Markus says and getting a more reasonable pixel count …

  • MikeT

    Just picked up a D700 barely used for $1400. The video sequence was well done, I must admit.

  • Brian

    I expect the D800 to become more popular than the previous D700.  Amazing camera!

  • Sam Hymas

    I’m looking forward to the cheap D700s that will be flooding the market 6 months from now. :)

  • Jon

     My D3 is still fine 4yrs on.. what a dslr needs is amazing sound recording, not more pixels..

  • John R

    Production Assistants is misspelt in the end credits.   Otherwise I was curious about the tail-lights smearing as he left the hospital.  Also would love to know if the mother / nurse / mother shot was auto focus or manually operated.  Saw a bit of jello as he went across the bridge too.  Hasn’t stopped me buying the E version though.

  • NikonShooter

    Was this video shot with the E version?

  • Mike Heller

    I flopped back and forth on the D800 vs D800E debate. Settled on the D800 for several reasons, posted here:…/2012/02/why-i-chose-the-nikon-d800-over-the-d800e/Hope someone finds it useful in making their choice between the two models.

  • Mike

    I posted my D800 configuration, including a file you can download to quickly configure your memory banks here: