Street Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Kai of DigitalRev shares some tips — both serious and humorous — on the art of street photography.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Through Painted Eyes

    “There’s a fine line between being an artist and an ass” He errs in
    thinking one negates the other, however being the former and not the
    latter is obviously ideal.

  • Jordan

    He really should follow his own advice, all I saw was a lot of sneaking up on ‘subjects’, shooting from afar and not engaging his subjects.

  • maculae

    I get not wanting a strap with a brand logo on it, but no strap at all? He’s going to be so sad when he accidentally drops that camera.

  • Through Painted Eyes

     Lol. Hope this was a joke. You did see the video where they paint a Leica pink, right?

  • maculae

     No, but now I feel that I should.  And I wasn’t joking about dropping that camera.

  • Dirk Desmet

    Great Video. Really nice done :)