Leaked Photos and Specs of the Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera

Pentax is on the verge of announcing a new mirrorless camera called the K-01. It’ll be a K-mount camera with the same 16.3MP sensor as the K-5, and will come with a crazy 40mm lens that’s less than 1cm thick (it looks more like a body cap). It’ll feature a 3-inch LCD screen, HD video recording, a pop-up flash, and a design by famous industrial designer Marc Newson. The camera will reportedly be unveiled officially tomorrow at a launch event in London.

(via Pentax Forums via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    no viewfinder ???? BOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Guest

    Sorry, but the design is just horrible

  • Pc8922

    Prefer the K-r

  • Gburger3333

    I saw and touched one yesterday. It is very unique looking and heavy.  It will sell but not to the mass market.

  • Anonymous

    Marc, how could you!?!?

    That is god-awful. K-01: Last nail in Pentax’s (brand recognition) coffin.

  • Kyoshinikon

    If anything, this was a smart move by pentax. The nex-7 was/is a success by everybody, the J1/V1 of nikon while sucessful with consumers put off serious shooters for the mount sensor size, and canon’s Gx1 is just merely a fat G-13. 

    Big good sensor/Same mount/flat lens & it could be the next Pen Ep-1…  Sucks that it doesn’t have a viewfinder though.If pentax offered fullframe and a superwide fullframe lens, I would get it…

  • freeboprich

    Looks like a good design to me, but can’t believe there’s no viewfinder, not this late in the game.  I’m narked about the OM-D being 4:3 but I think I’ll wait…

  • Tim

    Does anyone know what the point of Pentax is any more? Any camera as willfully ugly as this and without a viewfinder should have the decency to be waterproof. There’s enough dross on the market already.

  • Tyler

    This is a smart move by Pentax. The ability to use dslr lenses makes this better than Nikon and Sony who make you by mirror less lenses.

  • tsuri

    Pentax > Nikon

  • Kyoshinikon

    Pextax > Nikon > Canon

    Sadly for Dslrs it is more of (this will generate conterversary)


  • Chrswggl

    I currently work at a camera store and have to say, for entry-level models the Sonys are far and away the best choice. Nikon and Canon really have nothing on the A35/65.

  • Ksuwildkat

    What in the heck are some of you thinking.  For ANY Pentax shooter, this is an AWESOME second body:

    K-5 sensor – Amazing high ISO,  great IQ

    K Mount – no buying adapters or crappy overpriced lenses.  use the same beautiful primes you already have

    Mirrorless – I love my OVF but I also drool over some of the possibilities of mirrorless.  Framerate limited only by the sensor and cache.  Possibilities for so9me crazy flash setups.  Video.

    Should be well weather sealed
    Should be lighter but not much smaller – I dont like the tiny mirrorless bodies because there is not enough to hold.  There is a point of diminishing returns on making things smaller if you need to hold them.

    If the price is right – $500-600 I will buy one as a second body for when getting the shot is more important than some of the flexibility that a K5 provides.

    I think Pentax has a hit on its hands.

  • Eddie

    the second picture says it all. show me on other mirrorless system with that many lenses available (many of them excellent lenses to boot)
    Bear in mind this was likely under development with Hoya (remember the apsc rumoured when the Q arrived)
    I think the full ricoh impact on the brand will be in September at photokina but maybe there will be some other news at cp+ as well
    As for no EVF well most of the mirrorless have no EVF. I wonder if an optional one is planned (or ready for the launch just not leaked)

    o@ tim one man’s ugly is another’s beauty it’s all eye of the beholder I’ve seen some people liking it as well. It’s no Xpro1 but it will be less than half the price as well.

    the lens is calling to me sooo small. if it works with my dslrs as well I’ll buy one

  • Ksuwildkat

     Tim – Other than lacking a modern strobe system, there is nothing Canikon does that Pentax doesnt for 95% of DSLR users.  On the other hand, Pentax does plenty that Canikon does not.

    Want weather proofing on an affordable body?  Pentax K5.

    Want image stabilization AND affordable lenses?  Pentax.

    Want stabilization short on primes?  Pentax

    Want auto-focus on all lenses?  Pentax

    Want to shoot Adobe DNG instead of proprietary RAW?  Pentax

    Where Pentax falls down:

    Lenses longer than 300mm – you have to go to Sigma for a 500mm.  Nothing but mirror lenses after that.

    No strobe system like Nikon CLS – You can use a Paul Buff Cyber Commander in a studio to get close but the CLS is amazing.

    Tethered shooting – PK Tether ( is getting there.  Hopefully Pentax will spend some $$s an make this a feature.

    Video bells and whistles of Canon – maybe that will change with K-01.  pentax was late to video and it shows.

    Comparing the good to the bad, the good impacts my day to day shooting far more than the bad.  For the cost of 2 CLS strobes I got 3 all manual YN-560s, a Sekonic L-358 and cactus 4 x V5 triggers (with cash leftover).  Not the same but I am learning far more about light.  I got stabilization on my lensbaby and autofocus on everything – including the $80 Tamron 28-80 I use for “danger” shooting.

    I have two different 300mm lenses but I rarely shoot them past 210mm.  On the other hand my DA 35mm sits on my body all the time and I get autofocus and stabilization. 

    video is not my deal so i dont worry much about that and I LOVE knowing that my DNG files will open 20 years from now no matter what happens with pentax.

  • Scott

    Based purely on aesthetics, I’d say its one of the most unattractive and uninteresting cameras I have seen in some time :|

  • Dez

    What an UGLY camera! And in the most horrible way what I can think of. I mean there are loveable, tempting ugly cameras, like the Hasselblads, Ur-Leica, Holga,…..but this piece is just ugly. I wouldnt touch it.

  • Jeff Lagasca

    Pentax really needed to hit this body out of the ballpark, design-wise, considering the mirrorless Fujis and Leicas, and even the Panasonic/Olympus bodies on the street scream “I’m attractive, you know you want to pick me up and use me!”

    The K-01’s design is far too polarizing, even for this Pentaxian.

    Which really sucks, because the quality and capability of Pentax technology is THERE and the proper pathways for permanent upgradability to a real DSLR (from a Mirrorless) are in place. 

    I really just wished Pentax, as a company, looked deep and evaluated the way it aesthetically positions its products and product lines with regards to its audience, instead of trying to gain a toehold in the industry by looking radically different, to a fault. That’s really the best way they’ll gain customers and show some appreciation for the folks who have been faithful to the brand over the long-term.

  • Robert Cain Photos

    I’d have to see it in my hands, but using my existing lenses and a sensor that is the same rating as a Nikon D3s (On DxOmark) in smaller formatting is an easy win.  Let’s see the official press release and reviews like any other camera.  Industry wide these mirror less cameras are going to replace DSLRs, even Trey Ratcliff standing by that statement.

  • Cole Ewert

    I heard a rumor from a reliable source that Pentax will be releasing a full frame dslr possibly in the fall this year. Ricoh is really doing a lot with the company, they have hired  back a lot of the engineers that Hoya fired.

  • Anonymous

    The annoying thing is this is essentially a gift to the faithful, since people not invested in K mount glass have a myriad of other, likely better options. I don’t see it gaining many new customers, and this 25 year customer waited for it, and after finally seeing it, went ahead with my XPro1 preorder.

     Yet I can’t imagine who among the Pentaxian faithful this is supposed to please. The lack of any sort of eye level VF really kills it, compounded by the lack of a tilt LCD. The special lens at launch is a 60mm equiv. Huh? Who TF wants a narrow normal normal prime? It’s basically a large GF3 that takes K mount glass and cost 3x as much. Pentax needs to get Hoya’s checkbox/parts bin assembled but wrapped in pretty skin camera design mentality out of their system.

  • Jeff Lagasca

    I’m definitely a Pentax loyalist, but I’d like to support a company that aims to attract a larger userbase, simply to enjoy having the options Canikonians enjoy. I’ve been invested in Pentax since the *ist DS/DL days, but seem to enjoy few options for 3rd party tech (i.e. in the mobile realm). Simple fact is that developers don’t want to effort supporting the platform if they’re going to have limited success, and that limits my options as a photographer.

    I’m still holding out for a K-mount full-frame, my investment in the line is too great just to ditch — not to mention starting up an equivalent Canon or Nikon lens library these days would cost a fortune.

    My K-5 might be the last Pentax body I buy for a quite some time.

  • umbalito

    A more accurate question would actually be -what is the point of either Canon or Nikon anymore? – Since they are so alike anyways, why don’t we just get rid of one of them.  Doesn’t matter which one.  It’s hard to tell them apart anyways.

    At least Pentax actually offers something that NiKanon does not – like quality, compact primes.  If anyone is looking for the “Leica experience” on a DSLR, Pentax is the only one that comes close.  With the possible exception of the new Fuji system.

  • eyelevel

    I miss my old Pentax MX, but they really hit this one outta the ballpa…….wait a minute….it dropped right in front of home plate. Game over for Pentax as far as I’M concerned.

  • Zac

    YuK! sorry Mr Newson this time you FAILED.. 

  • Ksuwildkat

    First off, Pentax has attracted a LOT of new customers over the last few years with the k-x and k-r while the K-5 held on to a lot of us old timers.

    As for better options, I am struggling to think of another large sensor mirrorless with a full range of lenses.  As of tomorrow, there will be one unless you count a Sony NEX-7 with an adapter to take Pentax lenses.

    For lots of us photographer types the lack of any viewfinder is a big deal but for people like my son – who I had to TEACH how to use a viewfinder – using a screen is normal.  Read the book “Everything Bad is Good for You” – the author talks about how we always look at the new from the lens of the old.  Imagine telling someone who had never used a viewfinder how to work one.  They would react with “you want me to put it right against my eye? ”

    Personally I hate tilt LCDs and I would much rather have weather proofing.

    I use the heck out of my DA 35mm, it is basically my default lens.  It replaced my Tamron 18-50mm.  Nothing wrong with 40mm.

    As for price, I have not heard about cost yet.

  • Dj_saunter

    Is it just me, or does that shutter button position look like a step back in ergonomics?

    I’ll reserve judgement until I have it in my hands. I seriously don’t care about the style of the camera so long as it takes good pictures.

    My only questions is “Why should I get this instead of the K5″?

    If the answer is style, i’ll pass
    If there is no viewfinder, i’ll pass
    and if the price point is similar to the k5, i’ll wait for the next K4 or K3

    What’s the red button on top? It looks like they kept the Pentax green button.

  • Perceptivelight

    The ergonomics and design look quite good and practical. But why no VF????

  • Ksuwildkat

    Photo rumors is reporting pricing:

    Pentax K-01 body only: $750
    Pentax K-01 plus the new 40mm f/2.8 lens: $900
    Pentax K-01 two zoom lens kit (18-55mm & 50-200mm): $1000

  • yy

    Oh my goodness — such an ugly camera should not be allowed to exist!  Not even talking about ergonomics, where that IR sensor will always be covered by one’s hand.  Sheesh!

  • Bob

    How often do you use the IR while holding the camera?

  • Johnj

    Nobody cares about compact overpriced (mostly slow) primes. That’s why they buy Canikon. The Pentax primes that are not slow are expensive, too expensive many mediocre optics wise too.

  • Ivan

    I believe this will be a winner. Great sensor, good choice to stick with K mount and retain great lens selection, and I have no doubts about features and ergonomics.

    About design: perhaps not smashing, but don’t judge it by that picture with DA 40: all Pentax cameras look funny/ugly with DA 40 IMO. I mean, look at the K-5 with the same lens, or a K10D–test-report. Yuck.

    Based on this limited information, the only thing I don’t like right now is the name: K-01. Hello? There will be a K-1 eventually. Go figure: K-01 and K-1. Wow! (Better than *istD though.)

    Anyway, let’s wait and see more photos with other lenses, and more importantly, some hands-on tests.

  • Golf1

    looks awesome cant wait