Ghostly Portraits Captured Using Stencils and Light-Painting

France-based photographer Fabrice Wittner has a neat project titled “Enlightened Souls” that consists of ghostly portraits created by light-painting with stencils (which are themselves created from actual portraits). Wittner first started the project in May 2011 after the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I first thought of it as an artistic and morale contribution to the 6.3 quake’s aftermath. I used stencils to paint enlightened characters to remember human losses and to show the spirit of a wouned city. It turned out to be an intersting way to share ideas and feelings about society and life. After all, this is what street art is made for.

After completing his Christchurch series, he turned his attention to creating portraits of Vietnam’s village children in the country’s capital city.

Enlightened Souls (via Neatorama)

Image credits: Photographs by Fabrice Wittner and used with permission

  • Silje Andersen

    I think these are fantastic. So creative!

  • Anonymous

    this. is. gorgeous. Banksy, meet Picasso.

  • mythbuster

    I don´t like very much… seems to me too artificial and not well put together

  • Ian Ludwig

    The last one looks the best imho.

  • Anonymous

    What is artificial about it? You make no sense in any of your comment, so I’m betting you won’t really have an answer to make a vaild point on this, sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Although I really dig the digger, but the edgelines of his stencil kind of rob the effect a bit.

  • mythbuster

    If you like it, I am happy with it, but I don´t like. Please respect my opinion as I am now respecting yours.

  • Klaus

    i found this video with amazing pictures:


  • Odnalor

    How are this made?