MoneyMaker Strap Lets You Carry Three Cameras Like an Old-School Detective

MoneyMaker is a suspenders-style camera strap by HoldFast that lets you shoot with three cameras at the same time while looking like a cop from old movies.

This harness derives its style from that indelibly cool detective in our collective memories with that boss leather shoulder harness holding his peacemaker. HoldFast modified the “bossness” to hold the modern shooters tools. Drawing from those classic themes, HoldFast designed a highly fashionable, highly durable, as well as highly comfortable harness for two or three cameras. […] The design of this harness keeps the cameras from hanging too low making them easily manageable, keeping them close to the body thus more comfortable. This setup truly shines on long shoots such as weddings.

Made out of top grain leather with anchored D-rings, this is the only multi-camera harness that actually gets better with age. The brown is oil tanned, making it very soft and malleable. The natural actually darkens with use and exposure to the sun.

The MoneyMaker is available in two colors (natural and brown) and two sizes (regular and large), and costs a cool $175 from the HoldFast website.

Here are some additional photos:

The HoldFast MoneyMaker (via Photojojo via Wired)

  • Mark Houston

    Did you know that this type of setup is also know as a “JackAss” Rig

  • Edmcmann

    Looks like you have to unclip the cameras to bring them up to use. seems rather pointless. Looks great, but the performance is lacking. Much Like Tom Cruise.

  • Mantis

    If I wore this, I’d also have to use nothing but 1930’s gumshoe slang.

  • Ian Ludwig

    Nope. If you follow the source link and check out the photos, it is set up to allow exactly this.

  • Anthony Burokas

    I think the writers need some help there:
    “The brown [LEATHER] is oil tanned, making it very soft and malleable. The natural [LEATHER] actually darkens with use and exposure to the sun.” 

    Or IT darkens with use… really. English is not that hard. Just don’t forget the nouns. 

    Now I want to see someone hang a couple Hasseblads from it and have them bang around. 

  • Jake Doe

    hmm, cant find any pic that shows that. the only picture with a camera in use looks unstrapped, and the harness looks to me also like edmcmann said already

  • Blackwidow

    That’s just retarded. The sh*t products companies come out with these days are so crazy.

  • Goldwound125

    First off, you DO NOT new to unclip cameras to use it. Here’s a video showing that:
    Secondly, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that others won’t. I think awesome.

  • Seshan

    Hipsters just sh*t them self’s.

  • Captain Pasty

    Yeah, I’d look badass with my Holga on one side, and my Diana on the other.

  • Henryk

    “Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany, because it may
    contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.”

  • vormkrijger

    Nice … but way to expensive 

  • Mswaggart1

    No you don’t need to unclip. It slides really easily up and down the leather strap. Very easy and comfortable.

  • Matt

    Do you photograph weddings, which is usually about 10 hours of shooting carrying 2 cameras? This does make a big difference.

  • Anonymous

    Last September I was sitting in a seafront cafe in Brighton (UK) when I saw this guy walk past with something similar to this (but not leather) and three DSLRs slung from it.
    I did wonder “What the hell is going off that you’d need to be walking about with that rig?”

    Admittedly I also had three cameras on me – a Sigma DP1, a Smena 8M, and a Rollei 35B, which all fitted in a small bag and weighed less than one of that guy’s DSLRs!

  • kendon

    on the linked homepage there is a video, and while it hardly shows any real usage but more of a hipster walking through some fields of grass in a beautiful sundown with whiney music at about 40 seconds in you can see how it works. from the back only, but you can see it. couldn’t bear more of that music, maybe there are better views later in the video.

  • wolfie42

    Any setup where the weight is on your shoulders will lead to a lot of pain after a while! i’ve been using the Spider belt for the last year… wearing the weight on your hips instead of your shoulder makes all the difference! and you can run without worrying about them swinging around, as opposed to these shoulder-based solutions. I do like the way this setup looks, but then i might as well just buy some sweet leather suspenders.

  • Heidi

    Black Rapid has had a double R Strap for some time now, and it is at least padded for comfort.  And priced way better…

  • Ian Ludwig

    Second to last image in the slide show.

  • Paul

    But it is a good idea for DIY. Buy 3 brown belts, some rivets and have fun…

  • Edwin H

    Brilliant Idea! I’ve always felt uneasy strutting around a wedding shoot in tactical nylon. I have my TT ‘Batman’ utility belt, with several pounds of f/2.8 glass .  Never dared attaching the matching shoulder harness, lest the wedding guests think am some Paintball dude or SWAT HRT member coming to get them

    Besides, who can resist the aroma of oil-tanned leather? It should go very well with my tough braided leather belt from 1989. Still in one piece, more supple and aging gracefully as genuine leather goods go.

    Soon, my pretty, you will be mine (mwahahaha)

  • Scott

    I use a set up like this and I can’t imagine shooting without it.