Blue Marble: A Stunning 64-Megapixel Photograph of Earth

NASA has released another Blue Marble photograph of Earth. It calls this one the “most amazing, highest resolution image of Earth ever”. The image is a composite created from a number of photos of Earth’s surface captured on January 4, 2012, and weighs in at a massive 64-megapixels (8000×8000). You can download the full-res version here. Be warned though — it might crash your browser.

(via Gizmodo via PopSci)

  • Graysmith

    A composite image wrapped on a sphere is not a photograph. This is nothing more than Google Earth with better quality.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    I think this kind of photos could make great use of stereoscopic 3D.

  • Jay

    What do you think Google’s images are?

  • John Milleker

    Take it again, if you zoom in enough there’s a person in Florida that blinked.

  • Samuel Jerichow

    photos of earth seen from space are the exact opposite of scenes, worth seeing in 3D.

  • Luiz Franco
  • Janez

    64-megapixels is not really that much and certainly you don’t need a composite photo for that…. :/

  • Janez

    if they would start to take hassy back instead of nikons this wouldn’t be any news

  • Anonymous

    I can see bodies of water I recognize from south Texas there :)

  • Mantis

    Some of you people like to whine about everything.

  • Michael Redondaud

    Didn’t crash chrome :)

  • Dave

    Unique shot. Can anyone explain why North America seems so large on the sphere? Shouldn’t we be seeing more of South America, Western Pacific and the Arctic? Could it be that the close proximity has magnified this part of the earth the same way a wide angle lens would do?

  • Stephan Henningsen

    Didn’t crash lynx either.

  • phoreohphore

    Just like to say that this is not a picture of earth but of the Americas. 

    Lets look at the parts of the planet that are still relevant.

  • 9inchnail

    I think that was Graysmith’s point. It’s the same thing Google’s been doing for years.

  • Anonymous

    And which parts of this world are relevant then?

    It’s not a picture of the Americas, it’s a picture of Texas with some other land mass surrounding it.

  • Trolly Trolligan

    Confused as to why you think that the space agency owned by a country in the Americas would release it’s first photo ever of this type of a different country?

  • Jay

    But s/he said it’s not a photograph, which it clearly is, and implied that Google Earth wasn’t either.

  • Craig

    why are there no buildings or any signs of life?

  • Neil

    Christian is right..Texas under a cloud cover

  • Jeffreyd00
  • Machamster

    It would be really nice to see something *not* Ameri-centric…..

  • Dave

    Maybe whatever country you are from could get around to building a space station and take a few photos? You can pick whatever part of the world you want  show the rest of us. You get that privilege when you do all the work right?

  • chiobio

    LOLGUISE… it is actually a picture of Mexico… no wonder it didn’t look unfamiliar to me. 

  • Mike

    So what IS a photogeraph?

  • Mike

    Because we are still tiny, insignificant beings.

  • Mike

    Hey what’s wrong with Mexico!?

  • Mike

    FF, not crashed.

    IE sits in the corner, eating glue.