Sightseeing Heatmap of Popular Photo Spots Around the World

Curious about where people like to take pictures in your part of the world? Sightsmap is a simple Google Map app that takes geo data from the photos uploaded to Panoramio (now a Google service) and uses it to generate a heatmap.

  • RickyB

    Soo, does this mean europeans take more photos, have better looking people, or better looking landscapes…?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on. Nobody *ever* takes photos in Europe…. :P

  • Gabor Szantai

    As an European I feel myself in the middle of zoo:)

  • Me

    This is probably as much a reflection on the marketing and sign-up rate of the service, as it is a generalisation on where photos are taken.

  • Mantis

    Looks just like a population density map to me.

  • Alan Dove

    Exactly. My first thought on reading this post was “Panoramio? Is that still around?” Apparently it is, and from the map I’d guess that it’s very popular in Europe.

  • Bergurij

    Faroe Islands is all red :)

  • snydez

    And it’s popular in asia too, japan and java island indonesia shows yellowish red

  • mythbuster

    Interesting. It seems a map of world´s hottest touristic places: Spain, France, Italy… China getting hotter lately

  • Digodiego2005

    I think that is who uploads photos to Panoramio.

  • Tom

    I would tend to think there is indeed a usage bias, see Turkey all red (I’m taking this country example due to their high usage of Orkut, as in India and Brazil, while Orkut is quite underused in the US or Western Europe AFAIK). I guess a similar idea on a more widely used repository would bring slightly different results.

  • poky

    Now I know why north european people don’t think their country is in europe.

  • tokayaki97

    Malaysia and Singapore ^_^

  • Caglar

    It’s so high on Europe because of the Japanese tourists! lol

  • Christian D. James

    General locations with inaccurate gps……….ProPhotoSpots is much better!