A Crowdsourced Remake of Star Wars

Star Wars Uncut is a remake of the original Star Wars movie created with the power of crowdsourcing. The project started back in 2009 after creator Casey Pugh sliced the original movie into 15 second segments and asked volunteers to use their creativity to recreate the scenes at home. The best clips were combined into a feature length film, which went on to win an Emmy Award in 2010 for “Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media”. Above is the recently-released director’s cut of the film.

Star Wars Uncut (via Laughing Squid)

  • Dave Riedl

    If SOPA passed, it would kill creative works like this.

  • Anonymous

    This is WAY TOO COOL.

  • Kociasek

    Hilarious :-D

  • Minus Manhattan

    Incredible example of the power of the collaborative web.

  • Peterhuth

    the video is already not available in germany due to allegedly copyrighted music :(