Olympus OM-D Mockup and New Spec Rumors

We’re about three weeks away from the rumored February 8th unveiling of the Olympus OM-D — a new Micro Four Thirds camera designed in the style of old school Olympus OM SLRs. The mockup above shows what the camera might look like based on the latest spec rumors. The 16MP camera will reportedly offer ISO 200-25600, a grip and a leather-covered surface, built-in flash, in-body image stabilization, a 610000-dot swiveling LCD screen, and speedy autofocus

(via via 43 Rumors)

  • Through Painted Eyes

    It’ll be interesting to see how this compares with the x-pro1…

  • Fart

    please no mockups

  • George P. Burdell

    Beautifully rendered. Makes me excited!

  • Andrew Collins

    What does a mirrorless camera need wit a prism (the pointy bit on top for the kids)?

  • Gabor Szantai

    how about an electronic-viewfinder?

  • Elias

    It’s a shame it’ll be micro Four Thirds…

  • steve-o

    >.> this is just a regular OM with a photoshopped EP-L3 grip & new 45mm f1.8 on it..

    its like.. photoshopping another I behind the 5d mark 2 to make it a mark 3..

    anyway, i don’t think there will be much demand for that camera..

  • Erik

    This mock-up is pretty “disneyfied” and looks pretty pointless. I sort of hope Olympus can bring us something interesting in the form of a m4/3 camera with more manual controls.. this doesn’t look like it. Still, as long as it’s based on the m4/3 system it will not be something that can compete with x-pro1 anyway imo..

  • Mantis

    Why?  Micro Four Thirds is a great format.

    My Olympus E-PL2 sees more use these days than my Canon 60D.

  • MattH

    Have people forgotten about price, size, range of lenses, focus speed and not to mention fuji’s WOEFUL write speeds?

    Yes, alot of people will buy the X-Pro1, but then I suspect alot of people would buy the OM-D too :)

  • Guest

    Everyone overlooks the lenses….well most everyone.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    lowest iso is 200….hahahhahhahahhaha…NOT FOR ME…no waterfall shots etc on this junker

  • Bret M

    I know this is an ancient post now, but you were exactly right.