City Silhouettes: Skylines Seen Through Portraits of City Dwellers

City Silhouettes is a beautiful project by Beijing-based photographer Jasper James that consists of portraits of city dwellers blended with the cityscapes in the background. There’s no Photoshop trickery involved — James uses reflections seen in glass and the images are composed entirely in-camera.

City Silhouettes by Jasper James (via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Jasper James and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    Such a cool idea and rendered so well.

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    So I’m guessing it’s dual exposure with film. It reminds me of the ‘Girl with dragon Tatto’ Poster.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Awesome double exposures!

  • Brendon Kozlowski

    Looks like a single exposure actually. It appears to be a reflection from one window/mirror on another window. Very clear and well thought out though.

  • seanmophoto

    so double exposure or single exposure?  any idea on technique on these…love them.  Brendon, you think its a mirror reflection on a window?

  • ash

    if it is single exposure,how did the baby against the window shot?

  • Martin

    All pictures seems to by taken from the terrace of the same skyscraper. And there is probably something like glass railing with mirror wall agains it…

  • brett maxwell

    even at f/32 on a compact sensor there’s no way you could get all the depth of field required to create these shots in a single exposure.