State of the Blog: A Look Back at 2011

Hope you guys had a good holiday season. Welcome to 2012! As is our tradition, here’s our annual “state of the blog” post, in which we’ll briefly share on how this blog grew in the past year and where it is now.


Over the last year, 1,999 posts were published on this blog, up from 1,240 last year. 30,725 comments were left on these entries (up from 14,992) for an average of 13.8 comments/post (up from 12.1).

Traffic-wise, we received 23,280,270 page views (up from 9,286,447) from 9,449,286 unique visitors (up from 4,649,342). We now have 19,045 RSS subscribers (up from 9,677). Here’s a chart of our subscriber count since the beginning:

We also did 15 giveaways (down from 16) in which we gave away gear and software worth a total of $5,909 (up from $4,942). These giveaways received a total of 12,003 entries (up from 9,312).


On Twitter, we currently have 99,435 followers (up from 79,425) and 7,195 tweets (up from 4,715).

On WeFollow, PetaPixel is listed as the #2 most influential for photography, #4 most influential for photographer, and #7 most influential for blogs.


Our official Facebook page now has 20,016 likes (up from 6,893).


Our online store now has 4 items (up from 2), and we have more on the way.

Thanks for Reading

It has been an awesome year of finding and sharing photo news here at PetaPixel, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the content we had to offer. Thanks so much to everyone who visited, subscribed to, retweeted, and commented on PetaPixel in 2011! We look forward to all the new things we’ll be seeing and sharing on this blog in 2012, and hope that you’ll be here with us as the year unfolds!

Image credit: NYE 2011 London Fireworks by futureshape

  • AdvoCareMatt

    Nice!  Care to share your profit?  At least an estimate… pretty plz?

  • Finding Britain

    Fantastic Blog, super Tweetstream and more! Thanks for being such a positive member of the on-line photo community!

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha. That’s private for now, sorry! :D

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Congrats on a wonderful year – here’s to many more!

  • Anita

    Thanks for the awesomeness, Michael! Looking forward to 2012.

  • Tyler Olson

    Congrats Michael.  Great blog – you have come a long way quickly!