Magical Photos of Insects Shot Using Ordinary Household Objects

The photographs in Nadav Bagim‘s project “WonderLand” might look like paintings or computer generated images, but they’re actually real photographs captured at home using ordinary objects and creative artificial lighting. His tools and props include things like vegetables, plastic bags, flowers, and leaves, and he captures the images using a Canon 60D and 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. Getting his “subjects” into the positions and poses he wants requires countless hours of patient encouraging.

You can find out more about Bagim’s techniques in this interview he did recently. The rest of the images in this project can be found in this Flickr set.

WonderLand (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Nadav Bagim and used with permission

  • Mikeprice4269

    Wow, this proves there can still be innovative and truly art based photography and series. 

  • Matic

    so you don’t know much about photography? there are many innovative photographers

  • Anonymous

    So you don’t know that being a douche is no fun? There are tons of photographers everywhere doing good and awful work. It is hard to find innovation nowadays with all the facebook photographer moms overwhelming the photographic crap gene pool. People like this gentleman and YowaYowa Camera Woman are innovation in a sea of sameness.

    It is hard to find, so Mike is right, this is proof it still exists. Just like you are proof there are still turds floating in the bowl of the internet.

  • EM

    Wow, I’m not usually a fan of insects, but these really are beautiful and very creative.

  • Marcin

    Dear Petapixel Team,
    Please, remove vulgar comments like the one above made by Christian Rudman. They undermine your excellent work.
    Your regular reader, Marcin

  • koolaid

    beautiful, almost like a dance