Listing Your Prices the Right Way as a Photographer

Ashley Ambirge of the middle finger project on pricing your services the right way on your website:

[…] there’s wiggle room. Most of the time, there’s wiggle room. And most of the time when people tell you they don’t have the money, they’re lying–they just don’t think it’s worth the money.

Your job is to show them that it is.

She also warns against being secretive about your fees. Research has found that if no price is listed on the website, most people click away assuming that the fees are too expensive for them.

List Your Prices (THE RIGHT WAY) (via APhotoEditor)

Image credit: Price tags by jamesks

  • Anonymous


    Thank you, Michael!!!

  • Gonzo

    I do all my client work for $1 per image.
    That’s if I even charge at all.

  • lloyd

    I can’t take advice from a website which puts pictures THIS size onto a webpage

    HOW MANY PIXELS!? OMG scale the dam thing!

  • Anonymous

    I checked a few others and those are scaled more reasonably.  But it only takes a single unscaled image to make the site feel clunky.