Canon 500D DSLR Promotional Handbag

Singapore-based design agency One Paradox came up with this nifty idea for a promotional handbag for the Canon 500D DSLR. The camera strap handles make it the perfect bag for any photographers’ trip to the grocery store.

(via Behance via Wanken via Photojojo)

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  • guest

    Someone might think he’s stealing a camera but finds out it’s just vegetables and beer.

  • Anonymous

    Brilliantly simple.  Love it.

  • will hall

    ok the concept is fine, a bit different ant interesting, but why use a body that has since had two successors rather than the current model in that line, or something from a higher line, it doesn’t seem very aspirational…

  • Raindog

    I need 1

  • Jna

    Like many things, it’s not a new concept. I remembered seeing something similar years ago-

    I guess this Canon bag is a catchy promotional item, but not very attractive.

  • Shame4amy

    please where can i buy it???

  • Mavricx35

    This really isn’t all that groundbreaking, Canon had a bag like this as a promotional item for the 1DmarkIV a few years ago.