Nikon 1 F-Mount Adapter to be Released in Japan Next Week

Nikonian DSLR shooters will soon be able to use their existing F-mount lenses with Nikon’s 1 System line of mirrorless cameras. The FT1 adapter launches next week in Japan on December 22nd for ¥23,310, or roughly $300. Most lenses in the mount system will be compatible, and AF-S lenses will have the added advantage of being able to utilize the cameras’ autofocus systems. Be prepared for massive crop though — the tiny sensor on the cameras mean that your lenses will have a crazy 2.7x crop factor. A 50mm normal lens will turn into a 135mm telephoto lens.

FT1-mount adapter (via The Verge)

  • will hall

    crop factor might work in it’s favor, a 400mm lens becomes just over 1000mm. If the IQ is up to it, i can see this being a popular solution for birders.

  • Dnguyen

    That just defeats the purpose of having a compact camera.

  • Hill Wall

    Instead of spending money on a Nikon 1 with an F-mount adaptor, a birder could’ve stuck with their DSLR (1.5x perhaps?), add a teleconverter to their 400mm lens.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    The point is now you can grab Sigma’s 200-500 2.8 with the 2x extender and use this camera to photograph your own backside as you can now use this combination to zoom around the world.

  • Marco

    wow a 2700mm lens on a compact