Magic Cable Trio: One USB Cable to Rule Them All

Tired of packing a huge mess of cables every time you go on a trip? The Magic Cable Trio is a 3-in-1 cable designed to cut down on your clutter. It lets you power and sync a wide range of devices ranging from phones, iOS systems (e.g. the iPad), music players, and compact cameras. Just make sure your device uses miniUSB, microUSB, or an iPhone dock connector. The three connections are daisy-chained, making it uber-compact and easy to manage. They cost $20 over at Innergie.

Magic Cable Trio (via Wired)

  • Carlos David

    Ummm just as USB 3.0 is becoming a standard. Timing is everything

  • John Mclane

    eww horrible

  • Tzctplus -

    Which begs the question: why companies keep flogging us with so many different cables that actually server the same general purpose?

  • timo musgrove

    lol i tried to order one. until i found out it costs 40+  (total) to bring it to Canada. ill just carry around 2 cables. if i find myself in Europe i might buy one

  • kendon

    would like that, but don’t own any apple stuff. so there is one connector i wouldn’t use. then i could just bring a micro usb for the mobile phone and a mini usb for the camera. total of like what, $5.50?

  • kendon

    well, i found that (except for apple) it is basically down to either mini usb or micro usb, with micro becoming more and more popular. compare that to the early 2000’s, where every frickin’ device had a proprietary connector…

  • Anonymous

    Great. So if you don’t have an Apple device and want to charge two devices at once, you’re stuffed.

  • Darren Rose

    Why does this cable remind me of the movie ‘The human centipede’?

  • Dennis Marciniak

    You can make your own version. Just find the appropriate connections on Amazon Canada. Nice thing about that is for the most part you only need to carry around the ones you are going to use.

    Check out your local dollar store too. I was surprised to find all kinds of USB, Ethernet, and AUX cables and even some adaptors for a dollar each. They’re good for spares but don’t expect them to last long and test them before you travel.

    Your Dollar Store With More, and Everything for a Dollar are great stores in Canada for this kind of stuff.

  • John Milleker

    A MiniUSB to MicroUSB plug is available for a buck or two next time you order from Amazon, Meritline, etc.

    As for this, the Apple plug is useless for me. Put a USB Type B in there instead. Remember though, the more points of contact, the better chance for failure.

  • Anonymous

    USB is so passe.

  • Chasstaf

    that is great

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  • Egr123

    Please bear with me, i’m technically challenged…I’m looking for a way to connect my flash drive to my iPad2…I did a little Googling and found camera kits that can get me set up to do this, but isn’t there an easier way?

  • Anonymous

    Easy and [Insert random Apple product here] doesn’t mix.

  • Carlos’ Mom

    not really…

  • Brent

    As an ITS tech. all I see are multiple potential connection points of failure.