This Stylish Leather Tassel is Actually a USB Charging Cable in Disguise


Looking for a fashionable way to always have a Lightning or MicroUSB charging cable at hand? Look no further than this sleek tassel — it’s actually a compact charging cable in disguise!

The Tassel Charging Cable Keychain is a small tassel that you can attach to your keychain, camera bag, backpack, or whatever you normally keep on your person during an ordinary day.


When you need to charge up your iPhone, Android phone, or MicroUSB-compatible compact camera, simply slide the two charging cable ends out of the cowhide leather accessory (they’re held in by a magnetic flap). Plug one end into your device and the other end into a USB port (on your computer or at an outlet) to start juicing.




The tassel comes in brown and coral varieties, and both the Lightning and the MicroUSB versions cost $60 over at Photojojo.